M2Bob P-Server List

Name Languages Homepage Thread Working StatusUpdated Remarks Users Show users
Dark Fusion http://fusion-network.eu/ Yes2017-04-165 Users not needed 1
World of Metin2 https://global.wom2.org/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 1
SiriusMT2 https://www.siriusmt2.com/ Yes2017-04-225 Users not needed 0
Metin2.SG https://www.metin2.sg/ Yes2017-04-125 Users not needed 0
Tsuyoshi2 https://www.tsuyoshi2.eu/ Yes2017-10-045 Users not needed 0
Rubinum http://rubinum.org/ Yes2017-07-105 Users not needed 0
Celestial-World http://celestial-world.com/ Yes2017-10-045 Users not needed 0
Metin2 Global http://metin2.global/ No2017-07-135 Users needed 2
Shiro3 http://shiro3.to/ Yes2017-08-135 Users needed 0
Nemesis2 https://nemesis2.online/ No2017-03-12 1
Takania2 http://takania2.io/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
HikariMt3 https://hikarimt3.com/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
MT2DW http://www.mt2dw.com/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
Longju2 http://longju2.to/ Yes2017-03-145 Users not needed 0
PandoraMT2 https://pandoramt2.pl/home Yes2017-04-165 Users not needed 0
Terabithia https://terabithia.pl/ No2017-03-12 0
TheLastWar http://www.thelastwar.eu/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
ImperiaWorld http://imperiaworld.net/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
ClassicMT2 http://classicmt2.pl/ No2017-03-12 0
Nemesis-mt2 http://nemesis-mt2.fr/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
Metin2Dragon http://metin2dragon.net/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
GladoR-mt2 http://glador-mt2.pl/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
Mithras2 https://mithras2.bz/ Yes2017-04-16 1
HikariMt2 https://hikarimt2.com/ No2017-04-22 1
Tastria http://www.tastria.pl/ Yes2017-06-10Got 5 user 1
MT3RB https://mt3rb.net/ No2017-06-10Has technical issues 0
Rivalia http://www.rivalia.pl/ Yes2017-06-10Got 5 user 1
Nitem2 http://www.nitem2.cz/ Yes2017-06-10Got 5 user 0
Electryced2 www.https://hp.electryced2.eu/ No2017-06-10Has technical issues 3
Lynomia2 https://lynomia2.com/ Yes2017-06-15 0
NovaMt2 http://www.novametin2.com/ Yes2017-06-15 0
XenoxMt2 http://xenoxmt224.pl/new_s/ Yes2017-06-15 1
Somnia2 http://somnia2.hu/ Yes2017-06-15 1
Lysena2 http://lysena.eu/ Yes2017-06-22Got 5 user 1
WorldOfTimes www.wot2.ro Yes2017-06-225 Users not needed 0
OldWorld2 http://oldworld2.com/?language=de No2017-07-01 1
MetinZ http://www.meti.nz/ Yes2017-07-10 2
Metin2 Origins https://metin2origins.ro/ Yes2017-10-04Need 5 premium users 1
lb-h-metin2 http://www.lb-h-metin2.com/ Yes2017-07-10 1
SOWTF https://og.sowtf.ro/ Yes2017-07-105 Premium users needed 0
Evidence http://evidence-server.com/ Yes2017-10-04 1
Canary 2 http://www.canary2.ro/ No2017-07-125 premium users needed 0
Xanthia http://xanthia.pl/ No2017-10-07Need 5 user 2
Artheus2 http://artheus2.com/ Yes2017-08-13Need 5 user 4
Zandia www.Zandia.pl No2017-08-03Need 5 user 1
Levana2 http://www.levana2.com/ Yes2017-08-13Need 5 user 1
Arashi3 https://arashi3.eu/ Yes2017-08-13Need 5 user 1
Nebris http://nebris.pl/ No2017-08-12Need 5 user 3
SoM2 http://www.som2.net/ No2017-08-165 premium users needed 1
Saphirum2 http://saphirum2.ro/ No2017-08-165 premium users needed 0
Genesis3 http://www.genesis3.ro/ No2017-08-165 premium users needed 0
Legania2 http://legania2.eu/index.php No2017-08-25Need 5 user 2
Mosha2 http://mosha2.eu/ Yes2017-10-04Need 5 user 4
Ravie www.ravie.pl Yes2017-10-04 4
Terios2 www.terios2.pl No2017-09-04 0
Metin2Heros http://metin2heros.ro/ No2017-09-105 premium users needed 1
Hemeramt2 https://www.hemeramt2.pt/ No2017-09-185 premium users needed 3
Reflect2 http://www.reflect2.net/ Yes2017-10-04 3
MaxGameMt2 http://maxgame.ro/ No2017-09-195 premium users needed 4
Athora2 http://www.athora2.ro/ No2017-09-245 premium users needed 1
Vastir www.Vastir.pl Yes2017-10-04Need 5 user 5
Apollo2 http://www.metin2apollo.ro/ No2017-09-245 premium users needed 0
Royal of Destiny http://rod2.ro/ No2017-10-07 2
Calendus https://www.calendus.eu/index.php No2017-10-17 3