M2bob dll

      Sometimes bot is getting closed and then not starting again (m2bob dll)

      Ver. 4.3.9

      Dc/Dll when character want to go to shop
      sometimes not selecting character in loginscreen
      sometimes i have to restart client after channel/slot change

      Fresh Version:

      Same as 4.3.9, but much often

      I was using.. 4.3.5 (im not sure) for last time, even today and everything was ok
      then i saw that i must update m2bob, cant open without that and now its not working correctly
      M2bob deleted -> Ver 4.4.1 installed -> pc restarted

      I still have this error, but not that often as before. Problem is not fixed - i must still watch whats going on

      problem is more active when im opening websites (normal websites, not with movies or something "heavy", everything ok with connection)
      4.4.1 version - i get banned, with "change channel if player near" funtion. Gm was not even near.. First banned accounts from long time.

      Bot and game reinstalled -> nothing changed

      Can we expect new update/solution? I am not the only one who have this problem, as wee can see (topics on forum / even my friend have this problem and he cant do nothing too)
      Everything was fine when i was using 4.3.5 version, 0 banned accounts -> same configuration as always
      I did everything what was possible to fix it..

      Weird thing:

      Cant find any ifnormation in logs, like "GM appeared".
      4/6 accounts today get banned when was leveling, but 2 survived, then i shut them down. This accounts get bans too - 2 hours later (as i said - they was closed)

      I have no idea what to do.
      New informations

      I installed everything one more time (even system) and it helped a bit. I tried on just one account, and everything was fine. But, when i am using 6/6 clients, problem is still active (not that often, but - still). As i said now its better, but there is another problem - sometimes " ? ? ? " Error.

      Now im not getting banned. But, im not using just 6 accounts all day - im changing them after they reach level 30 (bless scrolls). For now i think that i will use manager, to starts clients every 30 minutes, maybe next update will change something

      ano16 schrieb:

      i was using the bob for 3 days and i didnt get any ban so my advice remove every unnessesary setting like onehit...in pickup put normal

      I think that was because of this errors (maybe something else was not working, and hackshield get me). Now its fine, 0 bans (last..22 hours, after system reinstall), but sometimes i still have "DLL" and "? ? ?" errors, and looks like i cant do nothing more with that. First time errors was really often after "sell items in shop" option (and some others), now i dont know what make it (bots can work 4 hours or more without any problems, but also after 5 minutes 2-3 can be closed without any reason)

      It looks like my pc is too.. weak? Cause when i have 1-2 accounts opened, i dont have any errors.. But, my pc is good enough to open even more than 6 metin2 clients.