M2bob eats alot CPU after update WTF!? plz help

      M2bob eats alot CPU after update WTF!? plz help

      hello I am a big problem user m2bob more than a half year, I have never had such a problem. the problem zaczoł August after the last update. before I started 6 clients and CPU usage of 30-50% this time and have 3 clients and 60-100% all time, and best process is m2bob "a52e0aaaa ..." use 0/1%, and at about 15sec jumps to 18- 25% is for the truth sick ..... other programs do not drew nothing done just after the update after it started.

      plz help us!

      link for screens for menager:
      <a href=http://zapodaj.net/5d8e09ab69cdf.jpg.html>m2bob.jpg</a>
      <a href=http://zapodaj.net/d2de27ee97fd4.jpg.html>m2bob1.jpg</a>
      what are you writing? I use a bot more than half a year, I know how everything works. m2bob same as metiny are off, eats up to 20% CPU usage jumps of 0-1%, which 13-15sekund to 20-25% is wine BOTA! and no mini-map or anything, from all time and give u more than $ 50-70 is a lot for me. and a response from the minimap consume CPU is ridiculous. again writes update all began. please help

      and if i start 6 clent with no bot use CPU is 10-20% with bot all time 100% u add some shit on bot on last update or WTF?.......

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      It is not normally
      Check your PC
      It think you have a virus or trojan

      I`m using the M2Bob without Problems
      There are 6 Bots which are permanently online without these CPU usage

      Please look if you have any viruses or trojans at your pc.
      If the program don`t find something i only can tell you that you have to reset your system (format and new install)

      I think you have a virus which steal permanently your CPU usage