I told you, some of us solved with this method. You can try in another pc, it isn't a bot problem, Slait can't solve it.
      Anyway the bot isn't safe, I heard of a lot of ban because the antiban bot dosn't work.
      Furthernore, sometimes you get "flagged as hacker" and if you get reported many times you will get banned in a few days.

      EDIT: i just saw the post update "Not Working" by the admin, i didn't tested the bot in these 2 days.
      As soon as I came home I will try if it still works, I didn't noticed if the server released a mini fix for bob in these days.
      If they didn't the bot should work normally.

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      Slait this isn't the main problem.
      Anyway you can find a lot of Helper in Jinno, some of them stay all day in front of shopkeeper.

      Try to use Level Bot for 10-20 mins with LF metins, you will detected as hacker and you can't attack.
      This shouldn't be a problem, just change character and log in again BUT if you get reported multiple times they will ban you.
      I tried to disable EVERYTHING, just having the bot opened but using the char by myself, after a couple of minutes I got this error.

      Furthermore I talked with another user that was botting during night who has set the bot in this way:
      - change CH if a player approches to you.
      - exit for GM
      but it didn't work and someone (a normal player without [H], he checked in the Player.log) reported him and he got banned.
      Just to be clear, he followed this * guide for enable CH changer.

      *[HOWTO] Activate CH-Change on every server