Ban Wave ?

      do you guys know if they have done a ban wave or something on the official french server ?
      just got 38 of my accounts ban , im not gonna make a big story about it
      but i was just wondering how they got all my accounts in one shot.
      Ive always been careful and never got problems , until now... loI
      I dont relly care actually, i was running 12 bots every 3 hours at the same time mabe i was looking at it hahaha
      Just thought someone could clarify the situation

      Edit: By the way all accounts were fishing , all of them had different email with good anti-ban options
      (like quit when gm near, quit when gm pm, pm was blocked as well, cc when player near) and each account was fishing for 3 hours/day exactly

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      It doesnt look like a ban wave is currently active...there isnt a bigger number of users reporting it than usual.
      they probably saw that you have many many accounts and found that suspicious.

      you can try to read the anti ban tips in the anti ban tab :)

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