account sharing and new features

      account sharing and new features

      1)i was able to use my m2bob on 4 pcs now i cant ,so i suggest to register our pcs in m2bob site so it can be recognised by HWID or mac address or register up to 10-5 pcs or something else.
      2)now i suggest different pickup list for every server becasue they have all the same pickup list.
      3)live logs in levelbot and farmbot
      4)i know there is tool for making a track for maps but isnt working but it will be nice if you put a tool like that in m2bob.
      5)in energybot if it possible to make catalog of the items like the shopbot or in the levelbot there is feature drop the items where you specified that you want to drop so we choose which items we want to go for energy

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      Hi :)
      1. that was a small bug, you can only change your PC every 12 hours regularly, thats normal and we wont change it because of account sharing!
      2. You can create pickup lists using different list names, this way you can choose for each server a different list and for each char
      3. In the Info Button you have some statistics, as well as in the log files
      4. in the Farmbot you can record tracks, of course this works
      5. Sorry dropping items cant be done, this has technical reasons because the char would instantly pick it up again

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      1)at least make something to register pcs at least 2 or 3pcs please
      3)but if you put a live log you will know who was near more easily
      4)i mean a tool that can edit the already recorded track so you dont have to record the track again
      5)i dont mean to drop the items.i mean like you choose which items always to be sold there is a similar window for the energy.
      If you are botting with that many accounts, so that you use more than 6 Clients at the same time, you also can support us a bit more ;)
      You always have the option to buy a second M2Bob account.

      Just look into the logs, we wont spend 10hrs working on a new log system just because it takes one second to open a log file...

      You can edit the .track files in the resorurces directory, but you need to edit the numbers

      If you want to support the work of us, please renew/activate your premium account with the following link:
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      i bought a second account now cause until the event finished i need to bot 24/7.Is it possible to add in farmbot and levelbot when hes is hitting the metin and he must used Aura ,Strong Body, Enchanted Blade, Enchanted Armour go away from metin 10 meters used these skills and go back is mostly for sura cause until get down from the horse and do the skills he died.