M2Bob on several komputers

      M2Bob on several komputers

      As most of you could notice we were able to share one m2bob account through our computers because of and bug with checking accounts.

      This lasted for a long time, and almost all of us get used to playing on one M2Bob account on few computers which wasn't fair for developer of M2Bob.

      It can't be in this way: one person is buying 1 m2bob key and sharing it with friends. But if someone have in his home 2 or more PC's there should be any privileges.

      Personaly i was using 4 M2Bob accounts on my 4PC's, so i had to buy only 4 keys against 16. I cant afford buying 12 more keys every month.

      Please post there your suggestions about sharing accounts, maybe you have any ideas how to make it fair for everyone :)