Hidden wont be saved

      Hidden wont be saved


      i currently am playing on a server which allows hidden to actually be on 100+, without bans or kicks due to this.
      My issue, if im using the farmbot on hidden 100x it just does perfectly fine, but for some reason if the client crashes (maybe once or twice during the day),
      or if the Start/stop manager is enabled, hidden will be set to the max of 10 after the client restarts itself, even though i have lifted to the max of 100.

      It would be nice if this one could get fixed, thank you

      I just fooled around with a couple of values, not to be too exact i just took my stopwatch and checked if it makes a huge difference.
      Wouldnt be that worthwhile if the differents just would be in the split seconds.

      Surprisingly it does make a huge difference, at least to a maximum of about 70~.

      On 10 the Metin i tested this on took on average 5,8 seconds to kill. On hidden 50 it took 3,9 seconds on average.
      Going on from 70 up to 100 I did not see that much of a difference, but i got the average of 3,1 seconds on hidden 70.

      Of course its just a few seconds difference, but if you were to scale this up to like 500 metinstones or one with much more hp, it does make a huge difference imo.
      Also i dont know how many packets the server is actually able to serve, but i think thats highly dependant on current load and ofc my Ping, which should not exceed 15-20ms, at least on my side.

      I just tried to collect some Data, using a farmspot on which exactly 20 Metinstones spawn.

      On hidden 50 it took the bot 1:36 Minutes to clear the Stones and collect 20 of the chests dropping, thus being accurate, since droprate is 100%.
      On hidden 10 it took 2:45 Minutes to clear and collect those 20 chests.,which is significantly slower.

      Doing the quik maff, on hidden x50 the bot would farm 750 chests per hour, as on hidden x10 the outcome would be about 464 chests per hour.
      Not 100% accurate since a few seconds between metinstone no.20 and metinsone no.1 do elapse.
      Also the respawntime of each stone is exactly 2 Minutes, thus not increasing effectiveness of the bot if it were to clear faster than 2 Minutes. (effectiveness respectively being 600 chests^^)
      I guess the minimum hidden would be somewhere in the twenty or thirties, still requiring hidden to be saved higher than the value of 10.

      thx4reading lol

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      The hidden attack feature displayed as the dog on the first tab on level/farmbot.

      It attacks hidden from spectators, also managing doing this x times per second.

      I e.g. am famring on hidden x50, which at least looks like about 30-40 attacks per second, killing any metin/boss in very few seconds.
      On most server it is fixed or restricted to i think a maximum of 3,1x.