Dragon Soul Alchemy BOT/Drachensteinalchemie BOT. Best Way to get YANG.

      Chemiker schrieb:

      with my alchi script i lowered the price to 2/3 now on my favorite server, but if every botter does this, bye bye alchi marked value xD

      .Dot schrieb:

      In two weeks after including these function in bob, alchemy will drain in 90% of its value. People who think in other way dont have brain.

      @Chemiker @.Dot As I've told upper, about the number of players that know how to gain from alchemy and players who have premium, I don't agree that after releasing this bot the prices will go down by 90% <-- Really... and you're telling me I'm not using brain? Such sytuation may be real when on "X server" will play 50-100 ppl. But I don't believe, that on GF servers, where play many people it would happend.. and I will explain WHY down there :) Also don't tell me that EVERYONE WHO HAVE BOB NOW WILL FARM ONLY ALCHEMY ALCHEMY ALCHEMY, because its not true, trust me :) . This way of earning yang is not that simple and quick as for example "Energy Bot", where you have to just click "play" and your "worker" will create tons of Vitality ore in one hour and after that you will set many shops full of this stuff.. Alchemy is more demanding gain, by time to create it and many operations which you have to do (That's why It's one of the most profitable way to earn a lot of yang). This script only to some help you with tedious refining many cores (great for p-servers) and onerous watching if every character doing all correctly, by 10 hours (with more than 30 accounts) daily. Still you will have to spend some time to create antique or legendary stones but in easier and more pleasant way (Surely for this we are paying for premium M2bob, isn't it?) which won't cause drastic drops of values. So I tell you guys one more, DON'T WORRY THAT MUCH and don't be such egoistic :) .


      P.S. Sorry for number of editions but I wanted to be clearly understood.

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