M2Bob P-Server List

Name Languages Homepage Thread Working StatusUpdated Remarks Users Show users
Dark Fusion http://fusion-network.eu/ Yes2017-04-165 Users not needed 1
World of Metin2 https://global.wom2.org/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 1
SiriusMT2 https://www.siriusmt2.com/ Yes2017-04-225 Users not needed 0
Metin2.SG https://www.metin2sg.com Yes2019-07-085 Users not needed 1
Tsuyoshi2 https://www.tsuyoshi2.eu/ Yes2017-10-045 Users not needed 0
Rubinum https://www.rubinum.biz/ Yes2018-04-215 Users not needed 0
Celestial-World http://celestial-world.com/ Yes2017-10-045 Users not needed 0
Metin2 Global http://metin2.global/ No2017-07-135 Users needed 2
Shiro3 http://shiro3.to/ Yes2017-08-135 Users needed 0
Nemesis2 https://nemesis2.online/ No2017-03-12 6
ImperiaWorld http://imperiaworld.net/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
ClassicMt2 http://classicmt2.pl/ No2018-12-04 1
Astreya2 https://www.astreya2.io No2018-12-04 5
Nemesis-mt2 http://nemesis-mt2.fr/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
Metin2Dragon http://metin2dragon.net/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
GladoR-mt2 http://glador-mt2.pl/ Yes2017-03-125 Users not needed 0
Mithras2 https://mithras2.bz/ Yes2017-04-16 7
HikariMt2 https://hikarimt2.com/ No2017-04-22 5
Tastria http://www.tastria.pl/ Yes2017-06-10Got 5 user 5
MT3RB https://mt3rb.net/ No2017-06-10Has technical issues 5
Rivalia http://www.rivalia.pl/ Yes2017-06-10Got 5 user 5
NovaMt2 http://www.novametin2.com/ Yes2017-06-15 5
XenoxMt2 http://xenoxmt224.pl/new_s/ Yes2017-06-15 6
Metin2 Origins https://metin2origins.ro/ Yes2017-10-04Need 5 premium users 5
SOWTF https://og.sowtf.ro/ Yes2017-07-105 Premium users needed 0
Xanthia http://xanthia.pl/ No2017-10-07Need 5 user 5
Arashi3 https://arashi3.eu/ Yes2017-08-13Need 5 user 4
Nebris http://nebris.pl/ No2017-08-12Need 5 user 4
Hemeramt2 https://www.hemeramt2.pt/ No2017-09-185 premium users needed 3
Apollo2 http://www.metin2apollo.ro/ No2017-09-245 premium users needed 1
World Of Nemesis 2 http://nemesis2.ro No2018-07-055 users needed 5
Ascension Of Gods http://aog2.ro/ No2017-11-02 6
Metin2NewDays http://mmo.metin2newdays.com No2018-06-25 5
Shisuki2 https://www.shisuki2.com/ Yes2018-04-28100% working 0
Thrones2 https://thrones2.ro/ No2017-11-26 6
Metin2Play https://www.metin2play.com/ No2018-04-215 users needed 3
Enygme http://metin2enygme.ro/sv/ No2018-01-14 1
Metin2NR http://metin2-nr.com/ No2018-02-21 0
AOG2 HARD https://hard.aog2.ro No2018-04-02 8
Xelion2 https://xelion2.eu/ Yes2018-04-215 users not needed (Foldername must contain xelion) 0
Leya2 http://www.leya2.eu/ Yes2018-04-215 users not needed (in progress) 9
Aeldra2 https://aeldra.net/ Yes2018-04-285 users not needed (in progress) 6
Ronia2 http://ronia2.com/ Yes2018-04-215 Users not needed 0
Asharu http://www.asharu.com/ Yes2018-04-215 users not needed 0
Sephion2 https://sephion2.ro No2018-07-07 1
Mysaru2 https://mysaru2.bz/ No2018-07-16Serverstart 20.07.2018 10
Kenji2 http://board.kenji2.eu/ Yes2018-08-04 4
AOG2 EASY https://easy.aog2.ro/ No2018-07-29 5
Memetin2 https://memetin2.ro No2018-07-31 5
Metin2Mester https://mt2mester.eu/ No2018-08-12 9
Thrones3 http://www.thrones3.org No2018-08-13 7
Samia S2 https://s2.samia.pl/ No2018-08-28 1
StrongerMetin2 https://strongermetin2.com No2018-08-28 1
Ronia3 http://ronia3.com/ No2018-08-30 3
Eluria2 http://eluria2.com/site/ No2018-09-035 users needed 1
Indra2 https://indra2.ro No2018-09-125 users needed 5
Metin2Legend http://ro.metin2legend.org/index.php?s=home No2018-10-25 5
Zenthia2 https://zenthia2.com No2018-11-065 users needed 5
Mt2Odyssey https://mt2odyssey.com No2018-11-15 5
Khalong International https://www.khalong.global No2018-11-17 3
Kiruma2 http://www.kiruma2.eu/ No2018-11-17 5
Sharon2 https://sharon2.ro/ No2018-11-17 1
iMetin http://imetin.pl No2018-11-28 0
Metin2Elaris http://metin2elaris.ro No2018-12-11 3
Nerwia https://nerwia.pl No2018-12-11 5
Metin2Reborn https://m2reborn.ro No2018-12-22 5
M2Best https://www.m2best.org/site/index No2019-01-125 users needed 3
Nostalgium https://nostalgium.eu/ No2019-01-125 users needed 8
Sena2 https://board.sena2.io/ Yes2019-06-09Serverstart 25.01.2019 6
Nemerian2 https://nemerian2.ro No2019-02-23 5
Metin2Ruth https://metin2ruth.ro No2019-03-18 5
Tandoria2 https://mmorpg.tandoria2.com No2019-03-30 2
Tekisuto https://tekisuto.cc No2019-04-11New server. 5
Naos2 https://www.naos2.net No2019-06-07 5
Sargeras2 https://www.sargeras2.com/de Yes2019-05-18[18.05.2019] Pickup bot not working 5
Zarium https://zarium.online No2019-05-27 5
Phebia2 https://web.phebia2.com/index Yes2019-06-17 5
Antimt2 https://www.antimt2.com/ Yes2019-06-07 0
Leano - World http://www.leano-world.eu No2019-08-11 5
Verona2 https://verona2.ro No2019-09-17 3