Hi I have a few questions advance sorry for my english and thank you for answers

      1)going to change at miningBot so as dig only certain Ore?

      2)time for LevelingBot,FarmBot,FishingBot,BuffBot for day
      -LevelingBot 5hours
      -FarmBot 5hours
      -FishingBot 1hour
      -BuffBot ?

      3)How is it that when I was in DT 4floor so I Upgrade with DT Upitem slot1 ?
      -it happened to me 2x
      -DT I do not go much

      4)user acid22 wrote:

      Remember !! Since october you get bans on all logged accounts every time !!!! I had funny moment ( maybe not as much funny for me) week ago. I was watching something on youtbe 2am then got "silent" (nothing like GM has appeard, PM from GM) bans in second town. I'm 100% sure GM was checking one of my 3 accounts and he/she used normal character to get near me. After 2 minutes i logged fishbot account to prevent my cheater friend from ban and then something strange happend. I was teleported from fishermen's island to first town (nothing about it in m2bob logs) and was waiting for GM move. Will she ban me ? will she teleport to me or what ? Nothing really happened and fish account survived

      original thread this : all accounts blocked, PL server?

      my question when gets ban one account will banned all online accounts?

      5)will sometimes added to M2bob on remelting equipments on fragments?