Sticky M2Bob - Description of all functions

      M2Bob - Description of all functions



      Registration & Installation(Free Version):

      Registration & Installation(Premium Version):

      Setup, Launcher, Start/Stop Manager & account creator:

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      (1) Choose your language
      (2) Select the "metin2client.bin" from your Metin2 folder("metin2client.exe" if you wish to play with the Steam version)
      (3) You have to login with your M2bob-Account here
      (4) With this feature you can import your old settings to a new version
      (5) You have to login here
      (6) If you click the link you will be redirected to where you are able to buy the Bot via PayPal or PSC.
      (7) You continue to the Launcher here

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      (1) Client Add/Remove: Add a new slot (Maximum 30) or remove a slot
      (2) Client start: Start a client
      (3) Character settings: You can customize your settings here
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      (1) Put in the ID of your Metin2 account
      (2) Put in the password of your Metin2 account
      (3) Choose the number of your server
      (4) Choose the channel where you want to play
      (5) Put in the character number (front = 0, right = 1, etc)
      (6) Save or remove your settings
      (7) Nickname: You can select a nickname for your character here(e.g. Angelbot, Farmchar ...)
      (8) Character creator mode: If activated, you will be able to create a new character on this account instead of logging in into an already existing character
      (9) Login with Steam: You can use the Steam version of Metin2 with this function being activated

      (4) Start client without bot: Starts a new client without M2Bob
      (5) Design: You can choose between multiple designs here
      (6) Start/Stop Manager: You can manage at which time specific bots start or stop here
      (7) Clients: You can save up until 30 account informations at the same time. You can open 6 clients simultaneously
      (8) Activate Start/Stop Manager: Activate/Deactivate the Start/Stop Manager

      Start/Stop Manager:
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      (1) Start/stop manager: Enables the start/stop manager
      (2) Start/stop manager automatically: Activates the start/stop manager immediately after M2Bob starts
      (3) Adding a startevent: You can choose which Slot(1-6) will be started at which time
      (3.1) Minimizing client: The client will be minimized immediately after it starts
      (4) Adding a stopevent: You can choose which Slot(1-6) will be stopped at which time
      (5) All clients closed: You can choose whether M2Bob should be closed or your PC should shut down
      (6) PC: You can enable a PC shutdown/power safe mode at a certain time (With both options M2Bob will discontinue botting!)
      (7) Slot position manager: Switch to the slot position manager to move single clients or to put them in the right order
      (8) Command line arguments: With that you can bypass the Patcherforce on some p-servers(Not suitable for beginners!)
      (9) Server Manager: Switch to the Server Manager to choose your Metin2-Client (you can change between p-servers very fast this way)
      (10) Lists: Load/Save Start/Stop lists created by you

      Account creator(GF):
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      (1) Country: You can choose the country of your Metin2 version here
      (2) Random: Generates a random username, password and E-Mail
      (3) Username: You can enter your desired username here
      (4) Password: You can enter your desired password here
      (5) E-Mail: You can enter your E-Mail adress for the account activiation here(not mandatory)
      (6) Create Account: By pressing this button you create the account with the account details above and save them into one slot of M2Bob


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      (1) Charakterinformations: You can see everything about your character (Level, Name, Hp, Mana, Exp and your current channel) here
      (2) Clientinformation It shows you how often you died or how much yang you earned in the current session and more
      (3) Minimap on/off: With this feature you can enable or disable the minimap (conserve capacity)
      (4) Minimapmode: You can switch about the whole map and a near vision
      (5) Minimap: The minimap shows you Mobs, Metins, Ores, Boss mobs, NPCs, other players, GMs
      (6) Botmode: You can switch between Levelbot, Farmbot, Fishbot, Shopbot, Shopsearchbot, Buffbot, Spambot, Switchbot, Readbot and Energybot here
      (7) Bothistory: It shows you your last botting positions. You can choose a position and continue botting
      (8) Maps: You can choose a map and doubleclick on one position your character will move automatically to the selected point on this map
      (9) Botrange: You can setup the range in which your character should move here
      (10) Botstart: Your current position is the center from your range and the bot starts
      (11) Anti-Ban display: If the shield is grey you dont have any antiban settings on. If the shield is green you activated your antiban settings.If it blinks your character move inconspicuous
      (12) Way-System: Your character will avoid obstacles and he will walk without the need of wallhack(maybe mobs can disturb)
      (13) Teleport: You can get to every spot in Metin2 within seconds

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      (1) Summon Horse: Summon horse until it appears
      (2) Attack near metins: Attacks a metin if you see it on the map
      (3) Attack near boss mobs: Attacks a Boss mob if you see it on the map
      (4) Mine near ores: Mine near ores if you see it on the map
      (5) Pull Mobs 1x: Pull all mobs in your area (Hotkey F9)
      (6) Get skills: Choose your skill and he will automatically get it
      (7) Stack Items 1x: Stack all unsorted Items 1x
      (8) Normal Smith: With this feature you can upgrade the item on slot 0(1. Field of your inventory)(Hotkey F8) everywhere. You can setup how often he should upgrade the item
      (9) DT Smith: If the DT-Smith appears you are able to upp e.g. a weapon on the jeweler(1. Field of your inventory). [COLOR="Red"]Attention: You can just upp 1x time[/COLOR]
      (10) Save settings: If you finished your settings you can save them for other bots
      (11) Load settings: Load the default settings
      (12) Drop inventory: The whole inventory will be dropped to the ground
      (13) Movespeed: This feature increases your movement speed, values with more then 500 can generate bugs (Hotkey F5)
      (14) Zoomhack: You are able to zoom very far away
      (15) No Fog: Reduces the fog
      (16) Day/Night Mode: You can switch ingame between night and day
      (17) Snow: Activates or deactivates snowfall
      (18) Wallhack: You are able to pass everything (Hotkey F12)
      (19) Ghostmode: You have to lie on the ground and click the Ghostmode-Button. Now you can move invisible for 2-3 min (Hotkey F7)
      (20) MobOnClick: Click on a mob and he will move to you (Hotkey F10)
      (21) No-SafeZone: You are able to hit characters out of the safezone
      (22) Anti-Stun: Immune to fainting(This feature got disabled on P-Servers)
      (23) PK-Hack: You can kill players from your own kingdom without loosing rank(This feature got disabled on P-Servers)
      (24) ExternalForce: Your enemies flying further away
      (25) Waithack: Mobs in range of 5m get automatically damage you dont have to do something
      (26) Always on top: The Botwindow is always on top
      (27) Quick Ch-Change: Your character change the channel very fast
      (28) Quick Char-Change: Your character change the character very fast
      (29) LogOut: Your character logout instant
      (30) Python Loader: With this feature you can inject a Python-Code as a text or as .py file
      (31) Item ID: Upp your item on slot 0(1. position in inventory) with an item(e.g. blessing scroll, must be in your inventory)
      (32) Danger Button: All features get instant disabled
      (33) Hotkeys: You can enable/disable all active hotkeys, e.g. for movespeed or ch change hotkeys here
      (34) Use every x seconds the item with ID x: The item with ID x will be used every x seconds(multiple items possible)
      (35) Teleport shortcuts: You can add locations here and teleport to them afterwards by double clicking the entry
      (36) Okey-Card-Bot: You can solve the Okey-Card game automatically with this bot

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      (1) Attack Mobs: The bot automatically attacks the mob next to you
      (2) Horsemode: The bot levels with a horse. It is possible to use skills
      (3) Skills: Setup which skills should be used
      (4) Advanced Settings: You can set a delay for the skills and you can choose whether the bot should wait for e.g. Aura and continue botting, or not.
      (5) MobPuller: The bot pulls constantly mobs and kill them
      (6) MobLock: The bot pulls mobs into the character(clientside!)
      (7) Attack Bossmobs: If the bot detect a bossmob he starts attacking him and continue leveling after his death
      (8) Attack Metins: If the bot detects a metin he starts attacking him and continue leveling after the metin gets destroyed
      (9) Stay at position: The character is holding his position
      (10) Pull strength: You can setup how much the mobpuller/moblock has to pull here
      (11) Stop pulling: Stop lock mobs if the tp is under xx%
      (12) Attackspeed: This feature increases your attack speed, values with more then 300 can generate bugs (Hotkey F6)
      (13) OneHit: Does every time just the 2nd hit of combo
      (14) Singlehand: The character holding a singlehanded weapon and attacks faster
      (15) Get skills: The character gets with level 5 automatically the skills you choose and continue leveling
      (16) Options:The character waits x ms after the metin/boss got destroyed; You can select, that your character doesn´t hit metins which are occupied by another player;
      You can select, that M2Bob will show a hint everytime a metin/boss/ore appears
      (17) Killing archers: You can kill archers which come out of a metin using moblock and damageskills
      (18) Got to the center: Your character will go back to the center of your leveling location if there are no monster in your leveling range
      (19) Pull all mobs at once: Pulls all mobs at once instead of pulling them in waves
      (20) Weapons for young heroes and EXP potions: You can select which weapons for young heroes your character should get and if your character should use EXP potions from the chests

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      (1) Red potions: You can setup which red potions (S, M, L) the bot should use and on how much % TP. It is possble to setup that the bot exits if the red potions are empty
      (2) Blue potions: You can setup which blue potions (S, M, L) the bot should use and on how much % MP
      (3) Donate EXP: The bot is able to spend on Level xx exp to a guild
      (4) Restarter: You can setup if the bot should start here or in town
      (5) Wait for xx% TP: The bot is waiting after death for xx% TP
      (6) BotStop: You can setup after how many deaths the bot should start from town, change the CH or exit the client
      (7) Stop bot at level xx: The bot automatically exits the client if he reached level xx
      (8) Specialitems: Yu are able to setup if he should use Dews or other sepcialitems e.g. Fireworks here
      (9) Auto-Potions: The character will preferentially use auto-potions, if this function is activated
      (10) Donate yang: The bot is able to spend your yang to a guild every xx seconds

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      (1) Pickupmode: You can choose between normal pickup, fast pickup(permanently disabled on GF-Servers), range pickup and big range pickup(Can cause kicks!)(Hotkey F11). And you are able to setup the pickupspeed here
      (2) Only pick ignored items: The bot just picks up items who are ignored
      (3) Pickuplist: Thats the list of all items. You can setup which items should be picked up and which not here
      (4) Create new list: Creates a new pick up list
      (5) Choose list: If you got more than one pick up list you can choose between them
      (6) Wait before first pickup: The Bot waits 500 ms after the start to be more unconspicous
      (7) Add new item: With this feature u can add a new item into the list

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      (1) Players near: Shows all players in the near of you
      (2) White-List: All players on the whitelist get ignored from antiban settings
      (3) Add Player: Add a player to your whitelist
      (4) Remove Player: Remove a player from your whitelist
      (5) Delete White-List: Deletes the whole whitelist
      (6) Low Profile: The bot disables all noticeable features and continue leveling inconspicuous if a player appears
      (6.1) Wallhack: The wallhack gets disabled to continue leveling
      (6.2) Pickup: The rangepickup gets disabled to continue leveling
      (7) Change CH: The bot changes your CH if a player appears
      (8) Exit Bot: The bot exits if a player appears
      (9) Low Profile GM: The bot disable all noticeable features and continue leveling inconspicuous if a GM appears
      (10) Change CH GM: The bot changes your CH if a GM appears
      (11) Exit Bot GM: The bot exits if a GM appears
      (12) PM-Sound: The bot makes a sound if you receive a pm
      (13) PM von GM: The bot exits if you receive a pm from a GM
      (14) Ch-Changer: The bot changes into the channel you activated if (7) is activated
      (15) PM from GM: The bot stops if you receive a pm from a GM
      (16) PC-Sound if player near: Your pc does a loud sound if a player appears
      (17) PC-Sound if GM near: Your pc does a loud sound if a GM appears
      (18) Anti-Ban Hints: You can read about some hints to bypass a ban here
      (19) Add Player by name: Add a player to your whitelist entering his name

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      (1) Talk to the alchemist: Talk to the alchemist after x hours to get the quest again
      (2) Exit bot after collecting 3 Cors: Exit the Bot if your character collected all 3 cors for the day
      (3) Exit bot: Exit the bot if there was no new cor for x minutes
      (4) Do not exit bot: Do not exit the bot x hours before you can talk to the alchemist again
      (5) Button position: Enter the number of the position of the button here, 1 for the first Button, 2 for the second Button, etc
      (6) Options: You can enter your empire and the ID of the alchemist here

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      (1) Position changer: Activates the position changer
      (2) Add a Position: Add a position
      (3) Remove a Position: Delete selected position
      (4) Delete the list: Delete the whole position list
      (5) Change position: Switch all xx minutes your location
      (6) Auto-EQ: The bot can automatically change to better eq or you can setup manual
      (7) Sort inventory: Sort your inventory automatically while botting
      (8) Save/Load position lists: You can save and load location lists here

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      (1) Shop: The bot move to General Store if the red potions are empty
      (2) Shop: The bot move to General Store if the blue potions are empty
      (3) Shop: The bot move to General Store if the inventory is full
      (4) Buy red potions: The bot buys red potions in the amount you choose
      (5) Buy blue potions: The bot buys blue potions in the amount you choose
      (6) Items up to Lv. x: All items under the level you choose gets sold
      (7) Items up to +: All items under the + you choose gets sold
      (8) Never sell items with bonis: Items with good boni never get sold
      (9) Sell worthless items: Worthless items get sold
      (10) Sell worthless skill books: Worthless skill books get sold
      (11) Sell items 1x: The bot move to General Store and sell the items you choose 1x
      (12) Drop items to sell 1x: All items the bot would sell get dropped 1x
      (13) Items that are never sold: You can setup a list with items which are never sold here
      (14) Items that are always sold: You can setup a list with items which are always sold here
      (15) Exit bot if inventar full: If this feature is enabled, the client will be closed as soon as the inventory is full
      (16) Sell too much potions: More potions than entered above will be sold at the general store to save inventory space
      (17) Sell to fisherman: The bot will sell worthless items to a near fisherman, if he doesn´t need potions

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      (1) Add Text: Add a text who should get spammed
      (2) Remove Text: Delete the selected text
      (3) Delete list: Delete the whole list
      (4) Global chat-spammer: Spam every x seconds in the global chat
      (5) Answer to PMs: The bot automatically answers to PMs
      (6) Copy text: You can copy the text of one box to the other one with the arrows

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      (1) Status: Choose your order where the status points get skilled
      (2) Delete Status: Delete the selected status
      (3) Delete List: Delete the whole status list
      (4) Skill: Choose your order where the skill points get skilled
      (5) Delete Skill: Delete the selected skill
      (6) Delete List: Delete the whole skill list
      (7) Loop the values: This function puts the used values to the end of the list to reuse them later again


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      (1) Open fish: Open the fish
      (2) Drop item: Drop the fish out of your inventory
      (3) Use bait: You can choose which baits the bot should use
      (4) Grill fishes: All the fishes in your inventory will be grilled

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      (1) Fishdelay: You can choose the time the bot should wait after the fish symbol here
      (2) Botdelay: You can choose the time the bot should wait after he has taken his fishing rod out of the water here
      (3) Fish on ground: With this feature you can fish everywhere
      (4) Pause bot: The bot stops every xx minutes for xx minutes and continue botting
      (5) Bad fishing: To look realistic the bot will throw his rod every x moments to a bad moment
      (6) Buy baits: You can setup how many baits the bot should buy if yours are empty here


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      (1) Shopname: You can setup the name of your shop here
      (2) Prices: You can setup the price for your items here. Type in the value you want to have and double click the item
      (3) Inventorylist: Here are all items of your first 40 slots in your inventory listed
      (4) Options: If all items are sold the bot will close; Furthermore you can also sell the second page of your inventory if the first is already sold
      (5) Move your inventory: Move the first 40 slots from your first inventory page to your second inventory page and the other way around
      (7) Search cheapest items: Searches all shops in your near then you got the cheapest prices for your items on the first 40 slots
      (8) Distribute item: Splits the item on slot 1 into stacks
      (9) Cashmere bundle: With this option you can, if you own the item, create your shop with the cashmere bundle


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      (1) Shops around: You can see the amount of shops in sight here
      (2) Add item: The item will be added to your list
      (3) Remove item: The selected item gets removed from your list
      (4) Delete list: Delete all items from your list
      (5) Buy multiple items: With this feature you can buy 1 item multiple times
      (6) Remove item after bought: Remove the item from the list after bought
      (7) Show massage instead of buying: The bot shows a message instead of buying item
      (8) Notification: If the bot bought an item, you will be notified
      (9) Itemlist: You can choose between the items you want to buy here
      (10) Buy-Log: You can see all items the searchbot bought for you here
      (11) Exit bot: The bot exits as soon as your yang is gone
      (12) Set count to 0: Set count to 0 for the desired item instead of removing it from the list

      Manual Search:
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      (1) Scan Shops: The bot will search for every item in every shop and show you a list of the items with their prices
      (2) Log: You can see all items the searchbot bought for you here


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      (1) Buffskills: You can see the skills which allows you to buff other players (It is only visible as a shaman) here
      (2) Buffdelay: You can setup how long the bot have to wait until the next buff here
      (3) Bufftargets: The Players in the list get buffed


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      (1) Start route: Starts to record a route
      (2) Pause route: Pause the record of the route
      (3) Stop route: Stops the record of the route
      (4) Accuracy from route: Setup the accuracy of your route while recording
      (5) Save route: Save your route
      (6) Load route: Load your route
      (7) CH Changer: After finishing a round of your route the bot changes to your selected channel
      (8) Metin-safety: After xx minutes your character continue your route and search for the next metin(Sometimes metin spawns in safezones)
      (9) Route backwards: Your character will walk your route backwards


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      (1) Add text: Add a text who should be spammed
      (2) Remove text: Removes the selected text
      (3) Delete list: Deletes the whole list
      (4) Spammode: You can choose between the spam modes here
      (5) Send PMs: Send all players in the near a PM with your text
      (6) Spaminformations: Shows some informations how the bot is spamming
      (7) Move text: Move the text into the box on top or on bottom


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      (1) Maximal waiting time: You can setup the switch time in ms until next switch here
      (2) Enchant Item: You can read the value from the "Enchant Item"(on a P-Server is it maybe a different value) here
      (3) Reinforce Item: You can read the value from the "Reinforce Item"(on a P-Server is it maybe a different value) here
      (4) Enchant Item buyer: You can setup if the bot should buy more "Enchant Item" when they are empty(Shop must be open) here
      (5) Reinforce Item buyer: You can setup if the bot should buy more "Reinforce Item" when they are empty(Shop must be open) here
      (6) Slots: You can activate the Switchbot for multiple items simultaniously here
      (7) Shop NPC ID: You can readout the ID of the NPC, which sells the switch items

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      (1) Activate Switchbot: Activate the switchbot on the slot you choose(You are able to switch up to 5 Items simultaneously!)
      (2) Choose Bonus: You can choose the bonus you want(1-7 boni) here
      (3) Choose Bonusvalue: You can type in the value the boni should have here
      (4) Alternative Bonus: You can type in alternative boni who get accepted too here


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      (1) Amount of weapons to buy: Type in the amount of weapons the bot should buy each round
      (2) Load defaults: Load the default position from the NPC's for each kingdom
      (3) Read weapon ID: Place the weapon on the first slot in your inventory and read the id
      (4) Read weapondealer ID: Right-click the weapondealer and click on the button to read his position
      (5) Read alchemist ID: Right-click the Alchemist and click on the button to read his position
      (6) Create energy crystals: With this option the bot creates energy crystals
      (7) Additional settings: Important! Click on the button to locate the click order. The number 1 is the highest button, button number 2 is under button 1 etc!(Click the alchemist/weapondealer manual to see which buttons you need in the right order to create energy fragments)

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      (1) Read NPC ID: You can read out the ID of the Captain NPC
      (2) Start: Place your character near the captain, press start, afterwards the bot will take fine cloth from the captain every 3 hours


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      (1) Read skillbooks: Activate this option to read skillbooks so long as your skill going up to G or your skillbooks are empty
      (2) Read soulstones: Activate this option to read soulstones so long as your skill going up to P or your soulstones are empty
      (3) Use exorcism scroll: Activate this option to read every skillbook/soulstone with exorcism scroll
      (4) Use concentrated reading: Activate this option to read every skillbook/soulstone with concentrated reading
      (5) Use Zen Bean: If you active this option the bot will use zen beans
      (6) Use Fruit of Life: If you active this option the bot will use fruit of life
      (7) Type in text: Type in the word you need to read soulstones if your rank got negative

      Big thanks to .Token for translating this whole guide from german to english!
      If you have any questions you can ask them in this Thread

      If you want to support the work of us, please renew/activate your premium account with the following link:
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