This is the collection thread for the server named above, everything regarding this server has to be in this thread!
      We will delete every other thread for this server without comment to ensure a better overview!

      5 Users needed!

      Information for many(not all!) servers:
      MobOnClick(fast) only works on very few servers, Wallhack is also fixxed on some servers.

      I get a error message on my server?
      First of all try to find an answer in this thread: FAQ / QA - questions and answers
      After that you should take a look into this thread and fill in the model you find there: [HOWTO] Problem solving

      Screens of error messages are always useful for us!
      If your server had an update and M2Bob doesn´t work anymore, just make a post in this thread to inform us about that.
      If this server is a new one, we need unique 5 premium users, which have to post their M2Bob premium accountnames here, after we got 5 users, M2Bob will be constantly updated!
      Updates for M2Bob are usually released every tuesday at 22 o`clock! You can find the changelog here: M2Bob - Changelog