Ankündigung Board Rules - English

      Board Rules - English

      The following rules apply for the forum:

      Forbidden in the whole forum:
      • Trading
      • Double Threads/double posts --> Use the Edit-Button!
      • Insults
      • Spam
      • Multiaccounts
      - Spam is forbidden and will be deleted, including the following:
      • Google Translate Posts #closerequest, #reported etc. --> Use the Edit-Button!
      • Pushing threads (apart from the OffTopic forums)
      • Posts like "hahaha" :) *Smileys*
      • Writing about another problem in a thread for a specific problem
      - Deutsche Fragen o. Probleme gehören in den deutschen Bereich [NUR DEUTSCH!]
      - English questions or problems belong to the english section [ONLY ENGLISH!]
      • Everything regarding P-Servers(Use the collection thread for your server!): P-Server-Section
      • Everything regarding official GF-Servers: GF-Section
      • Questions about M2Bob belong to the "Questions about M2Bob" forum
      • Technical problems belong to the "Technical problems" forum
      • Questions about farming, leveling, EQ or other InGame problems belong to the "General" forum

      - Turkish questions or problems belong to the turkish section [ONLY TURKISH!]

      - Romanian questions or problems belong to the romanian section [ONLY ROMANIAN!]

      - All other languages belong to the english section [ONLY ENGLISH!]

      - The languages for the Shoutbox, OffTopic and the Main section are english and german

      - Romanian and turkish language is only allowed in the romanian and turkish section

      Also keep in mind the sections specific rules:

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