@Slait, it still crash constantly.. it's unplayable. We can't wait another week for the update. From your last update they didn't do nothing and it still crash. I'm just using wallhack, no speed, I disabled all. But also for other things I can't use it well. Also when you disable all the features, it crash.

      Source Code

      1. 0712 01:23:18884 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE g:\(ÁÖ)À̸̹£\3d\õÀDZº¹ý»ç\õÀDZº¹ý»ç02.psd
      2. 0712 01:25:43024 :: Traceback (most recent call last):
      3. 0712 01:25:43024 :: File "<string>", line 3, in <module>
      4. 0712 01:25:43024 :: IndexError
      5. 0712 01:25:43024 :: :
      6. 0712 01:25:43024 :: list index out of range
      7. 0712 01:25:43024 ::
      8. 0712 01:25:44047 :: Traceback (most recent call last):
      9. 0712 01:25:44047 :: File "<string>", line 3, in <module>
      10. 0712 01:25:44047 :: IndexError
      11. 0712 01:25:44047 :: :
      12. 0712 01:25:44047 :: list index out of range
      13. 0712 01:25:44047 ::
      I can confirm what these guys are saying. I bought today the BOT and I tried on the server: actually it is working pretty bad.
      Switchbot is not working, levelbot works but pretty bad, I already got a BAN cause it is too obvious that i'm botting. For example, if I check the option "Stay in position", the bot choose anyway to go and attack everymob nearby without standing in his position. The puller doesn't work as well. Please fix!!!

      Slait wrote:

      Name your Metin2 folder "StrongerMetin2" and try again, that should fix it.
      Why does your folder has the name "stromngher"? That doesnt make any sense...

      My folder is already named StrongerMetin2. The strange thing is that it is in the %appdata% folder. Btw the patcher stands in my Downloads folder, so idk if there's something wrong by me, or if the bot has problems. Anyway the switchbot wasn't working at all, and the level bot is pretty bugged. Maybe do I need to do specific stuff like run like administrator bob? or put it in the StrongerMetin2 folder??? All that I wanna say is that the bot working fine (for me), so it runs and can be executed, but the functions in it are bugged I think. Sorry for bad english, I'm gonna wait for another response. Thanks.

      P.S: For a moment 2 hours ago the bot was working. I was in my position mobbing and attacking and making all the skills like I set, but then it crashed! I had no wallhack or speedhack or something like that active. I was thinking that maybe is the function of mob puller in the bot that is recognized via client and make me crash? Maybe I got a ban for that. There is no Mob Puller item in this server, you can just pull them by pressing the button '5' on the keyboard. There is no way to set the bot to use that button? Thanks
      I tried it multiple times and for me it worked perfectly.
      The Metin2 folder MUST be named: "StrongerMetin2".
      If it still doesnt work, it would be good if somebody can write am instruction on how to get it crashing.

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      This is what I did:
      I have the folder of StrongerMetin2 located in: C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\StrongerMetin2
      I putted M2Bob Patcher in the folder "StrongerMetin2"
      I ran the patcher and I started M2Bob.

      Things that I noticed:
      1) If I ran StrongerMetin2 by the launcher it always downloads a new patch, but it seems the same everytime
      2) StrongerMetin2 crashes a lot. The bot usually get stuck cause there is another windows window where I need to click "cancel" or something like that, before a new StrongerMetin2 client can be opened by the bot.
      3) The switchbot doesn't work at all.

      Things that I would like:
      The mount here is spawned by pressing CTRL + B, so if I die or crash usually my mount disappears, and the bot get stuck so it won't going to bot at all.

      Maybe do I need to put the StrongerMetin2 folder in the Antivirus exceptions? I seriously don't know. The fact is that to a lot of people the bot doesn't work properly. I seriously don't know what to do. It seems to crash randomly.
      Maybe you have special characters in your pc username(only a-z, 0-9), if yes, try to move the metin2 folder to a folder without special characters.

      1. Well you dont need to select the patcher, just choose the "metin2client.exe"
      2. For me it did not crash, dont know why you have these issues. You can try to patch or reinstall StrongerMetin2. Maybe its also because the Admins did a bad programming job, this does occur often at PServers.
      NOTICE: Crashes from time to time are normal...but M2Bob does restart the Client so this should not be a problem.
      3. Switchbot: That is normal for some pservers :)

      The Mount bug can be fixed for the next version, thanks for reporting it!

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      The problem is that if the client crashes there is another window that the bot itself cannot close, so it won't load the client again and it get stuck.
      Btw I found a semi-solution by using the Starter Manager at some hours: I do 15 minutes' sessions and then the bot restart, so if it crashes in that period, it will for sure reconnect. Still, not a perfect solution, I still have problems...

      I changed the location of the folder. Nothing changed. Also now the second client last 2-3 minutes then crashes. I'm sorry but I paid for this, I don't know what's happening. It's not fixed for sure since other users have this problem.

      P.S: Sometimes the character just make a route in the minimap and get stuck, and I don't click nothing. So it stops leveling cause he tries to go in another point of the map.