was bottet ihr so? // what else are you botting

      was bottet ihr so? // what else are you botting


      Da Metin botten etwas anstrengend wurde stellt sich mir die frage ob andere games dazu^^

      Ich botte atm: Path of Exile, Aion, D3, Tera, FFXIV, Lineage2, GW2, Perfect World, PUBG, SWTOR, Gwent und WoW, aber keines davon ist zumindest bei mir so wirtschaftlich wie Metin...

      wie handhabt ihr dass so, was bottet ihr noch abgesehen von metin2?^^ und vorallem wie viel holt ihr pro account pro monat raus?^^ müsst nicht verraten wie ihr es macht^^ nur in welchen game xD


      Hi, im thinking about changing the hardware or add some other games on the strong metin bot engines^^

      I run atm Path of Exile, Aion, D3, Tera, FFXIV, Lineage2, GW2, Perfect World, PUBG, SWTOR, Gwent and WoW, but nothing generates so much so easy like metin.

      what are you botting next to metin? and how much revenue can you generate with other games? you didnt need to say how, just in which game with one client how much each months^^

      edit: +Neverwinter
      edit: + runescape

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      In my personal opinion there is not anything profitable as metin2 so far, cause there is bot which can do almost everything.
      Those others games ar kinda death according to trade forums, there is not any demand also bots for them (if there ar any) ar not good or completely automated.
      I think there could be something good, but those scripts/bots whos ar farming it (or doing something in any case) they supposed to be private.

      btw. m2 is not consuming so much hw, so that's the another reason
      I made a couple scripts with u can generate ingame currency for those online shitty browser games like travian, tribal wars or some trade script for markets like rocket league etc. just for my personal using, but those customer bases ar not so big as the others.

      @HunterxHunter ar u talking about official servers or private? Cause since HB have not been working and their security algoritmy ar more searchable that profit is not so good as was at least 2 year ago, also that investment into fresh accounts.
      Web based bot developer
      i like wrobot, i used honorbuddy but was never a friend of it^^ i missed pyrox all the time^^

      with the banwaves on the blizzard servers it makes in my opinion only sense if you use carded accounts with the lvlpush.

      for sure metin is one of my 4 favorites and makes ~60% of my revenue, but is decreasing, so i push atm neverwinter hard forward and path of exile (complicated thing) generates also a lot revenue on a very big market.

      in my opinion gw2/tera/swtor/FFXIV are the most easyest to bot, yes little market and not so high revenue but the chinese wholesaler takes them all so i never care about the market sice^^