How ban works?

      How ban works?

      Hi, i need some help, i dont understand how GM banns accounts.
      I was in map2 with on lvlbot, speed hack, attack speed, you know, the usual.
      I had 2 accounts on different emails and different channels but in the same place on the map, the thing is that the pc beep-ed, sign that GM is near, and didnt even had the chance to close the clients, in 2 secounds both accounts ware banned, different ID's, different emails, different usernames on different channels and it litterally took 2 secs to get them banned, i had the exit if GM is close option activated, the same with exit if pm from gm recived and change ch if player is near, i dont get it, how can they see me if its impossible for a player to be close to me without the program changing channels and how could a GM see me when i have the option to close the client if he is near activated.. it just dosent make any sense.. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
      Yeah you could say that its some kind of automatic sistem, but than again why did the alert let me know there is a GM near me..

      Slait schrieb:

      I suggest you to read the Anti-Ban tips in the Anti Ban tab first.
      Of course you need to think about what a GM could do. Many GMs come as normal players and search for botters ;)

      As i told you it was impossible for players to see me since i had the "change CH if players is near" activated, i tested it, it changes ch so fast that no player can see you, and as i told you it was impossible to get banned.
      I didnt complained about the ban, im used to it, its the risk of botting, i was just asing in order to gather knoladge.
      Yes its kinda tricky to understand what GMs are need to try to think as a GM ;)
      Just an example of what could have happened: The GM sees that you are logged in and he teleports to you, then you immediadly change CH and that happens 5 times in a row...of course he could then decide that you are obviously botting.

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      manasca schrieb:

      Every server has different GMs, every region has different people and GMs, different minds... Etc. I would suggest you to test as much as you can and find the right formula to not get banned, coz thanks to the brilliant mind of Slait you have tones of optionality to choose from.

      This is true, i respect him and his work, i think the best way to not get banned is to check "act in a low profile if GM is near" and be at the PC, i think he teleports at your location and if you quit the game at that exact moment he banns you on the spot, this is the only way i can imagine it.
      Tho i tought that it wont be the case, since his teleportation causes some lag to the game server, not much but if you have shit internet conection and a shit pc it can cause a kick.
      I will try to get the GM status on the official server and find out more.
      On they look for GM and it might be a good chance to get some inside info, if this happends i will inform Salil with what i have found.
      Wish me luck.
      I've never experienced a ban yet but, when I'm in the PC I put it on just beep and when I'm away I put it on stop when GM is near. Once I was on the pc and one GM appeared invisible and the not notified me the position and the name and I just started doing random shit and talking to other people and ever since I've no experience nothing more serious
      i have stopped playing metin official 2 weeks ago cause i got banned in main characters(79lvl) anyway my advise to you is learn when the gm is on and avoid these hours all my botting accounts didnt get banned i am talking about 30+bots and i got banned in the main cause i didnt heard the pc-beep or wasnt working i dont know what happend exactly that day but i was on the pc when i was botting and i didnt heard a damn thing after i got banned and seeing the log the gm came and after 10min i got banned.