[BUG] Low-profile levelbot

      [BUG] Low-profile levelbot

      Hi, I noticed a very annoying bug with the levelbot.

      I have "Act with a low profile if player near" active.
      The problem is that the bot will just keep pressing space to attack while moving towards monsters, even though he is not touching any monsters. It looks stupid.
      But as soon as I press the stop button and then start the bot again while a player is near, he acts normal and walks to monsters to kill them.

      So, to reproduce my bug:
      1. Turn on the levelbot in an area with no players nearby
      2. Come with a second account near the bot
      3. The bot starts acting weird, he is pressing space to attack but not hitting any mobs
      4. Stop the bot, start again with same settings
      5. The bot now works ok

      Server: Metin2 RO (GF)
      My levelbot settings: https://imgur.com/a/h7C0f8v

      @Slait, please make sure to give this a high priority, at the moment I have to stop using the levelbot untill this is solved

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      Slait schrieb:

      Probably this problem only occurs when using "stay at position", try switching it off meanwhile.
      We can look at it and see if its fixable :)

      It's true, disabling "stay on position" solves the bug, but it's still an issue, because disabling this will in most cases decrease efficiency even by 50%.
      Ideally, the bot should stay on position and farm with high efficiency when no players are around, and move when player is near.