[EN] Error loading M2Bob launcher

      [EN] Error loading M2Bob launcher

      Public PL #80 Jawa
      Windows 10 64bit

      This is my first contact with bot.I know how to use it already, i was playing yesterday with bot for like 8h with no problems.As i woke up and try to run m2bob i get this error message:
      "Error loading M2Bob Launcher , please patch or re-download M2Bob."
      So i was trying to path and then got message:
      "Error patching M2Bob.
      Please refer to the M2Bob website and try downloading the update manually" After closing this window the next occure and now say: An error occured at the function "URLDownloadToFile" Error Code:0
      Already reinstalled metin2 and m2bob asnd nothing changed ,firewall is off and dont have any antivirus. Any suggestions?

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