Searchbot - small change

      Searchbot - small change

      Hello. I have some propose to change function of pernamently removing items when you using "Remove Item from list after bought".
      So right now when M2bob buy last one item from search bot list. Is removing prenamently entery from the list, and you have to add item to list againg.

      It's very problematic when you have like 40 different items in list to find one which one is missing.

      How ever when you adding items to list and you change value of items to but to 1000 isent good option. Because of market prices changes.
      For example. If add new entry and change to value of items to buy to 1000. And I will not check the prices on the market regularly. BOT will spend all of money(yang) on my account on this item. And I will lose all of my money. So thats why I use values from 5 - 30.

      I propose add new function
      "Dont remove permanently items/entries"

      It will do this:
      Change value of items to buy to 0 instead of removing items from list.

      Or modify current one to similar effect.