I have problem with m2bob premium. Im using 5 clients in the same tame, after 2-3 minutes client goes down. 3rd client, 2 minutes leveling and again kick second client, 2 minutes and kick 4th client. What to do.
      Second problem is shopbot, my bot sometimes coming back to exp in halfway.
      First Problem Kicks: If u set ur Movement/Attack speed to high for ur System or/and the Server u`ll receive kicks.

      Second Problem "Going back to shop": If I understand u correctly, ur Bot comes from leveling selling Stuff but instead of him Selling u see him going to lvl again - thats when the bot got kicked while walking to the shop and relogg in again - then he will first walk back to the lvlspot just to check again that his inventory is full and walk to shop.

      But your informations are pretty vague so it`s possible that i fully missunderstood u :D .