BOT still after teleport to shop run before just run.....

      thats true
      sometimes bot is running along map without reason, on botmap we can see green line to back on position, but in game bot is going along. you have to manually press "w" to stop the bot and he will back on position.

      second is sometimes bot going to sell items / buy potions and its crashing - what i mean, he is staying next to Gemischtwarenhändlerin and nothing happen, he is not buying and not selling items. You have to manually restart bot to do smth.

      and third is change the order, i mean : log in > check inventory (about potions and full/empty EQ) > start leveling/farming. not much important, but still ;)
      M2Bob will give me Tesla 8)
      This bug is known, and we ask for help from users in order to fix it :)
      If somebody knows how to reproduce it or even has a video of it, this could really help us.
      I never got this bug, so I have problems looking at it and fixing it...

      i dont have fraps or smth but

      and bot is running along,
      to stop you have press stop and again start bot.


      i see sometimes it happend when bot restart in town, and bot in the same time is using skill and teleport to the position, then bug.
      i think bot should wait for back to the position, then using skills. its happend in the same time so its bugged
      M2Bob will give me Tesla 8)

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