bot unstable - restart every 10 minutes/python script problems

      Exception in script, try if this maybe helps regarding the error:
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      Source Code

      1. import constInfo,chat,thread,player,time,app,net,chr,dbg,ui
      2. #Bu bir python script'dir. Bu script Bot ile oyuna girince otomatikmen aktif hale gelecekdir (Harita degisincede vb.)
      3. #Bunun ile kendi python kodlamalarini girisde kullanabilirsin, sadece alt tarafa yapisdir
      4. ### Ayarlar ###
      6. DELAY = 2 ## -> Gecikme [Saniye]
      7. PLAYER_NAMES = ["xxxx", "xxxx", "xxxx", "xxxx"] ## -> Iteme düsürecek karakter adlarını girin
      8. ITEM_ID = 30270 ## -> Buraya Item ID'ni yaz
      9. ### Ayarlarin Sonu ###
      10. def StartDropItems():
      11. while 1:
      12. try:
      13. for slot in xrange(SLOT_COUNT) :
      14. if player.GetItemIndex(slot) == ITEM_ID:
      15. net.SendItemDropPacketNew(slot,200)
      16. except:
      17. pass
      18. time.sleep(1)
      19. if not hasattr(constInfo, "started"):
      20. constInfo.started = 1
      21. if chr.GetName() in PLAYER_NAMES:
      22. thread.start_new_thread(StartDropItems,())
      23. chat.AppendChat(7,"[m2bob] drop items started" )

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      I had a problem with clients turning off, it was caused by having turned on option to turn the client off when Iam out of red potions. Since I have this option disabled, my clients are just restarting randomly but finally they dont turn off. They restarts mostly when I give input into the client, like when I was leveling and I also played "Catch the king", there was a bigger chance for the client to restart than whe I didnt touched the client at all.