Amazing idea, and I would like something too : " Restart all running clients " , so clients close and then start with all settings as they had before . ( useful if you come after some time and most of your bots have black screen.. etc)
      Second thing, add new function: Two bots are always on the same channel no matter what. For example : You want to level up your second character , or one char is buffing the other. Issue with ch changer is that it is changing randomly cause of kicks, anti ban ch changer etc etc... so most of the time if you come , your characters are on different channels and that is the main problem . And allowing only 1 channel for both is bad - inefficient. so something like : you allow channel 1,2,3 and : if your character isn't on the same channel as your second char. change ch - you always reach what you want - same channel and it is effective.. I hope you understand me , I can explain it more if you want :)

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