If i understand u correctly, you want to know if the Bots run on mt2-Odyssey and if u can activate multiple premium licences under the same m2bob-Account.

      I don`t know if the Bot runs on mt2odyssey.com especially but i dont see why it shouldn`t as long as you do the steps correctly.
      M2bob runs on many p-servers without problems.
      Maybe you can get some more information about that in the p-server section of the forum here:

      Second problem:
      You can register multiple 6 Slot licences per m2bob account - up to i think 30 Bots per email (maybe more i dont have tryed over 30 yet).
      Just buy and activate them as the first one.

      If u want to run them under different IPs for more safety i recommend a trusted VPN service as well as multiple devices/Windows-VMs.

      Don`t buy more slots than your hardware can handle tho.

      I hope i could help!

      They dont answer because you ask a somewhat confusing question in the wrong (Gameforge) Section of the Forum.

      All i can say is if you tryed everything to get m2bob running on mt2odyssey already, and it won`t work with one "Installment" - there is no way the buying of more "Installments" could help you fix this issue.

      I hope i interpreted your concern correctly.