Python Loader Manager

      Python Loader Manager

      Hello m2bob !
      Today, i propose to improve the python loader.

      A first version simply add a "Start at startup" option.
      Just activate it and enter the id of the script to be executed when the bot is started. Separate by commas to start several scripts. It can be combined with the "every" option.

      In this example,
      The script in line 2 and 3 is started only once each time the bot is started.

      Here it is, for the second version we add directly an option "Python Loader Manager" in the Manager.

      In this example,
      Line 1° indicates that you must start the script with id 2° when the bot corresponding to slot 2° and character 1° connects, you must also re-run the script every 1000ms.
      Line 2° indicates that the script should be started with id 5° only once when a character (default character) in slot 3 connects.
      Line 3° indicates that the script should be started with id 5° only once when character 4° of slot 3° connects.

      The "Add New Entry" button allows you to add a new entry and could be presented as follows:

      The "Add Script to List" button allows you to add or delete a script in the list and can be presented as follows:

      that's it, so overall it opens up new horizons for python scripts.
      Please implement it if possible!
      Thanks !
      Some scripts dont work anymore...however in the Python Loader we added a feature "execute script x every y seconds".
      Using this function, its possible to rewrite old scripts and then they work again (ofc only if you are able to program with python) :)

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