Sticky [RELEASE] Account Import/Export Tool

      [RELEASE] Account Import/Export Tool

      Today we present you the M2Bob Account Import/Export Tool.
      With this tool you can easily edit all the login data from one server without the need to edit all slots in the Launcher Login Menu seperately.

      It's very easy to use and primarily targets powerbotters managing many accounts.
      IMPORTANT: You need to use the correct format when modifying the Login data and need to make sure to not forget any special characters like ' !
      An example string for a correctly saved account data would be: ('myacc', mypw'); ('', 12305, '', 11150); (0,); BestAccEver; CoolChar1, CoolChar2,-,-,-

      The path to the userdata.bob is different for each server and you need to select a new file in order to edit a certain server.
      Since the login data only works on a certain M2Bob Account, you also need to enter your M2Bob Account Name (case-sensitive, the same way as you did in the M2Bob Launcher!)

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