repair supermount... no work
      always say you need stop----i have premium version.
      and i need 150 defense in my supermount

      and other BIG PROBLEM is when low any times when other player coming..low profile change and you is middle buried attack how in horse but horse no is...and you no buriedthe other player see you and recorder..

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      For the mounts we have a technique on some PServers that works to easier step up by just disabling this check.
      However this sadly doesnt work on gameforge server, so for now it will stay like this unfortunately.

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      epic fail...
      when you is in horse and set low profile in hight times.. no sit down.... and the other player recorder you..he see you no attack...
      is attack normal but is standing in the horse and he no see you attack
      fix this add in the low profile when on low profile and other player is near...unmount-mount to fix this.
      this is epic fail and banned

      you can test this activate and deactivate one hand in attack in few time the player is stading in horse

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