[SUGGESTION] Sell items from farmplace, but not near saleswoman!

      In the next Update we will first add a small feature that makes the coordinates random by a few meters every time.
      Then we will see further.

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      gantos schrieb:

      i think this suggestion would work too..maybe better...no potions to buy?go to fisherman and sell items....no potions?teleport to your own shop account and buy them...i need opinions..

      Well this also means that your own shop have to be there active the whole time while you are botting.
      I use 180 Botchars at 3 different servers which means that i need to have to let my shop standing there 24/7
      This brings some problems with it :
      - When my shop gets a kick i don´t get potions anymore
      - When my shop get freezed it brings a little performance problem with it, because metin have an extreme high CPU Usage at freezed windows (Just look how much CPU a freezed Metin2 Window use in the TaskManager)
      - The GMs will check this fast because when so many characters run to the same shop they will notice it (ofcourse i can build the shop in the knowwhere but players will be wondererd why there is a shop and also i have always to change the coordinates and the shop have to be at the same channel)