Some bugs I found in the bot

      Some bugs I found in the bot

      Hello, since I've started experimenting with different settings and different chars I've noticed a few bugs in the bot.
      It goes like this: say you are using levelbot (initial.png) and you have a series of settings for your char on that account. Everything is good and your bot window would look like (char 1 window.png) and the bot menu would look like (char 1.png).
      Say you have multiple chars on that account and you want to change the char using the bot function in the general tab (1.png).
      Then the bot will change the char and the bot window will STILL look like (char 1 window.png) AND the bot menu will STILL look like (char 1.png) meaning that the name there will not change and this causes some problems and I will only list 2 of then since that's how many I've managed to find in a few hours.
      1. When second char will reach level 5 and it's supposed to go and take the skills it will not do that.
      2. When you have a special set of items that you want to be picked up in a special pick-ul list, that will not transfer over to the other char.
      The only current solution that I've found so far for this is to close the whole bot, go to settings where you find the id and pass, ch etc for that bot and change the char that you want to bot to start, only then everything will port over and the bot menu window will look like (char 2.png) and the bot window will look like (char 2 window.png). I know this might be a little confusing and just to give this out of the way, YES, im playing on a GF server and this might not sound like much but it's very annoying to have to close the whole bot, change the char from the main bot settings instead of just using the char change function available in the general tab.
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      So if i understand your problem right the following will help with your problem.
      Do the Settings at Character 1 and let him logged in 2minutes.
      The char dont have to do anything just to be logged in.
      Normally after 2minutes the settings are Safed and also at all other characters on this account.
      Important is that all characters of this account was already logged in in M2Bob and the ID + PW is safe (Bad description of mine i mean that they already have its own slot)