Exit client if red potts empty

      Exit client if red potts empty

      Hey boys , I would to report little bit issue I found today. Basically fuction: Exit client if red potts empty doesn't work correctly. When I started bot (2 full invs full red potts) when I came after 13 hours, client was off but 1 full inv of red potts !!. Also I little bit test it and find out that bot sometimes shows empty red potts icon, even when you have RED potts in your inventory, so that's kinda big problem there- as I said - SOMETIMES but yeah then the client is off and that is bad. ( i am levelling in sd3 where you need to open access permit item.. u know, so I cannot even start shop bot there). Can you please look at that ? :) Thanks

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      Please try if you can reproduce the problem and know what causes it.
      Maybe the char was out of red potions and then just picked some up. The red potion stuff only updates every 30 secs.

      It´s true .. sometimes (since ever) the bot has red potions but it says it dont and exit .. its kinda annoying

      PS: No, it wasn´t out of red potions, it exits with potions on inventory