New function suggestion (clients on the same channel)

      New function suggestion (clients on the same channel)

      Hello here I would to introduce my suggestion of an interesting fuction :)

      Basically I want two or more characters leveling on same channel no mather what ( they are leveling together ) but its kinda only possible if I have no anti-ban protection(switch channel) BECAUSE when I enable something like ch changer and like 2 channels it is not working properly.
      Like one bot somehow die(when character die once change ch) or it crashes - it changes channel but the other character stays on the other channel and that is the problem.

      Basically what I want is something like that: I have 2 clients leveling - some kind of fuction that puts them together - so every time they need to be on the same channel - if not they switch to one channel - for example one bot crashes or die- it starts on other channel so the other bot switch to new channel I have tried everything and tested things like leveling on 1 channel only and switcch channel when player here - but the problem is its switching channel whole time if the player stay in location so its kinda bad .
      Again I need change channel protection I know its amazing without protection but its so risky without it.

      Thanks for any respond , peace boys
      They cant really communicate with each other...why are the leveling together are they not strng enough to do it alone? Then maybe you should try to change that.

      It wont be possible to synchronize, you just can try to setup the bot so it changes channel mostly at the same time :)
      But I need tell you unfortunately we wont add such a function specifically.

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      I understand, but they are strong enough just in SD3 you cannot pull mobs even with best equip as possible I mean one bot.
      When you leveling with two bots and pulling is something like 30 and not pulling all mobs at the same time its MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE , do u now understand my idea ? and then if you put 3-4 bots on the same channel they can easily pul all mobs and that is the best efficiency - as i said there are locations where you cannot pul mobs with single bot .....