Fish Bot Most new important suggestions MEGA Thread

      Fish Bot Most new important suggestions MEGA Thread

      :thumbsup: Hello , its not only me who found out after new fishing update the thinga I wanna talk about, the old fish bot become really OP and verry effective, especially with
      I hope I am not only person who finds out very important suggestions to become real in next patches, so let's begin.

      Most Important suggestions for fishbot:
      They added new fishes - that is the main reason why is fish bot very effective way of botting , please add all new fishes in the screenshot

      2. They also added new CRAP you get and that is very big problem - after like few hours , you have full INV of crap you you have to manually sell it. So suggestion is: add sell bot like in level bot , when bot goes to fisher man - it also sells all of this crap - I think this is the most IMPORTANT thing of all. Everything is in the picture above.

      3. Also new Bait ( in the picture) - please add it to bot.

      4. If it is somehow possible - Add fuction grill all fishes every xx minutes - But this is not that important it can be very useful :)

      So how it is in reality right now:
      You basicaly fishing only because of this , and right now you have to every few hours go and manualy sell all of the crap and grill fishes , so it is not that effective etc....

      I will also send fishing account on support to test it soon :)
      For now I have no more to say about this, but everyone who has something more to say you are welcome and let's start fresh discussion.