How do I add custom parameters in terms of what the bot sees as an Admin

      How do I add custom parameters in terms of what the bot sees as an Admin

      How do I add custom parameters in terms of what the bot sees as an Admin?
      From what I understand, now the bot reads the nickname of a character and if it has a square bracket it is an admin in his understanding.
      Is there a way to modify these parameters? Because I play on a server where the administration has separate accounts to check on players, and I know the vast majority of their nicknames.
      I play with anty-ban on play sound when GM is nearby, so this thing would help me a lot. Thanks
      It's not different. GM have their [GM]smth nicknames, one has [admin]smth nickname, and there is no problem, the bot catches them. The problem is the administration has special accounts, I assume with no admin permissions, since bot does not catch them, but they can stay invisible and teleport characters with these accounts.
      All i want to do is like a blacklist, the inversion of a whitelist. If a character is on the blacklist it will trigger the GM warning. Is it possible?
      But if accounts are just "normal" players, then its impossible to see them.
      Of course any person can just login with normal players and then search for botters...

      Right now there is no concept of a blacklist, sorry. Also I think this wouldnt help since they can easily change names :)

      They are not normal players, and normal players cannot prove i'm a bot, since i bot on low profile settings. They can teleport me to another map and the bot will just start botting lv 5-10 metins like stupid. Well if they come, the guys from my blacklist, i just start playing normally, like I do when a GM comes by. Well ofc they can do another account, but one guy has been using the same account for over half a year so, you know :P

      EDIT: Does the bot identify GM account by the fact that they are GM accounts or using the fact that they have the square brackets in their nicknames?

      EDIT 2: I just remembered that they are [TUT] players. They do not have any GM priviledge, but their nickname starts with the square bracket... the bot sees it and reacts properly. It is impossible to add another parameter to those square brackets? Like the full nickname of these 2 guys? Cheers.
      What we can do, is exclude the players with "TUT".
      The bot identifies them using both criteria :)
      However just because a player might be able to execute certain chat commands does not mean he must have internal GM rights and the Bot sees him.

      i mean, [TUT] players have no admin permissions, so does it really use both criteria? Seems like the brackets are enough.
      If we can exclude players, cannot we include them?
      Guys this would be a game changer for me.
      When they did not have their separate non admin accounts, i could bot for 2-3 months without getting banned. Now it's more like 1-2 days, i won't even exp to the lv i wont with the bots and i get a ban :D
      You can not edit this file by yourself thats what Im trying to tell you :)
      So in the old version "[TUT]" was detected as a GM, now we removed it and its not detected anymore.
      You just have to tell us if you want it to stay detected or not...and give us a clear answer :O

      I see you do not understand me.
      I don't want the bot to NOT REACT to these certain players, I want him to REACT to them.
      I want him to react to 2 or 3 players, that i know the nicknames of, like it reacts to GM.
      I wondered if you can put commands in the whitelist. Something like EVERYTHING - this, this. So then, if I set it to do a sound when a player is around, it will ignore everyone but these 2 motherfuckers.
      Do you get me now? :D
      And yet another server where the admin does not have the brackets in front of his name and i have been banned because of him. If you look at the top of the ranking, that is an admin, this is a hard server started yesterday. Been banned twice by this guy with 6 accounts every time. Would you consider adding the blacklist feature? I've been a user of your bot for over 2 years, on this acc. Nothing you can do? How many ppl have to sign in in order for you to consider implementing such feature? Greets.
      Yes, he was there, he appeared according to the logs and the bot did not react. Here are the logs.

      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:01:01] --> admm appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:01:08] --> admm appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:01:19] --> Futro appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:02:50] --> Futro appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:06:21] --> admm appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:06:28] --> admm appeared
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:06:43] --> Character got kick
      [Bakemono: 19.06.2019, 03:07:40] --> Character got kick

      If you are adding him, can you also add "Queweer" and "SlonBDF" to this server?

      Thank you.