Ascyra New Server

      Ascyra New Server

      Hey guys, Ascyra server just released. Who would want to play with me? here are some features;

      To begin, I will mention a few systems or configurations

      Maximum Level 225
      Start Level 1
      Constant evolution of equipment
      2 Kingdoms
      Without alchemy/energy
      Centralized Market
      CH Changer Ingame
      Equipment Changer
      Key Changer
      Friendly Menu
      Portatil shops
      Bank System
      Titles System
      Transmutation System
      Costume / Belt System
      Mount / Pet System
      Craft System
      Domain System
      Anti-Exp System
      Wiki System
      Multilanguage System
      Shaman System
      Info Mobs
      Dungeons Reconnect
      New Dungeons
      New Mobs / Pets / Mounts
      New Safebox
      New Bonus PvM
      New Potions
      30000 Stacks Items
      12 Inventories
      5 New Events PvP
      New EventsDog Mode System (For lag)

      The Start

      You start at lvl 1, and you obtain a PvM set which will help you
      for the whole adventure. Additionally you get 5 mounts, a pet and
      several varied items.


      There is a total of 10 PvP set (Tiers)


      There are at the moment 14 diferent maps and 18 dungeons all filled with new and diverse enemies

      Craft System

      All craft in one window, which is connected with the inventory and the safebox.
      We have a series of new recipes for potions, pets, mounts ...

      Safebox System

      An orderly safebox, connected to the account, with which you can improve, deliver item, craft item ... without even having to open it

      Shaman System

      An assistant, which gives you auras, you can level up and evolve to gain greater power.

      And much more but im to lazy to copy all ;D

      For more info visit ;

      IF you want to register and to help me in the process use this link, it has a referal system;

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