Some features and fundraising

      Some features and fundraising

      Collect donations when you add a feature.
      For example, add this property when xx $ are collected..

      For example: Yutnori bot: Target=150$ / Amount of donations collected= 100$. (We can do this by installing a premium key to the site.)

      If this happens, you will be glad and you will be more interested in us :) @Slait

      Or those who buy m2bob premium key for at least 30 days can take advantage of the newly added features. (something like that can happen.)

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      This doesnt really work for us...our problem is more finding the time todo it, and of course technical challenges ;)

      But this would however of course be a good idea if you know other python programmers who know Metin2 and who are able to put in the time to look into this.
      If they want to help the community we are always happy about external programming help!