Golden Tuna / Fishing Issues

      Golden Tuna / Fishing Issues

      I am a premium user of M2BOB and I have some issues while fishing.

      1. Golden Tuna - feature is simply not working at least for me. It has been tested on two different computers. It does not really matter what I have selected ( Kill ) or ( Free ) it is just not recognizing the pop up. As we all know Golden Tuna is not anymore an item in your inventory. If you catch Golden Tuna the window pop up instantly and ask you to choose one of the following choices: Free / Kill / Use as a bait.

      2. The other issue is that if my character changes CH while fishing or logs back in again for some reason even if in „BOT EQ” everything is turned off it goes to the previous location where it was exping. It is really annoying because it happens pretty often.

      3.Can you add Kelpie Key to items that can be dropped?

      if you have any questions, i am more then happy to answer them.
      Thank you for your response!

      1. I will send an information with credentials as soon as I come back home with full description of the issue with Golden Fish.

      2. Okay, I will contact moderator in a proper channel.

      3. I am talking about the menu where you select Fish to „kill or drop”