Hi, I am a premium user, who want's to use bob on this server too, may you take a look on it? Or what should I do?
      Thanks for your answer!

      Edit: can some premium users can help us, please? :)
      I think that's nothing for you, but more for us! And you know, better to give, than receive. :D
      Thanks in advance, for everyone who helps us!!
      Link: nexon2.hu

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      I can't use bob, because when I select the metin2client.bin, at starting the game with bob it says "Use client patcher!", so the game can't start.
      When I choose Nexon instead of metin2client.bin, the game is starting, but after I log in I usually have only black screen at character select.
      Rarely I can log in, but after I see my character the screen starts flickering and shaking.
      Sometimes bob is coming out, but I can't use one of the things, so nothing is working. When I start Farmbot my character is only walking straight.
      Movement speed and attackspeed also not working too, as any other options.

      Can you help us? I have more then 5 friends with premium account, who wants to use bob on this server!
      Thanks in advance!
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      Today I experienced a very big problem!
      When I got home I checked what's new with my farmers, I was really scared...
      A player was really near to me and the farmer just continued his job and he didn't care about the player who was very close to me!
      I always use "Change CH if player near" function!
      The defense shield was not green! Flashed in red color but the farmer did not switched to another channel!
      Now I need to oversee my farmers and when a player near to me I need to switch channel manually.
      Please fix this bug! It is very dangerous!

      When I start the clients usually I get these error messages:

      An error occured at the function "VirtualAllocEX" !
      Error Code: 0

      An error occured at the function "VirtualAllocEX" !
      Error Code: 5

      I don't know what is this.

      The client crash very often, after the restart a lot of bug coming up. (The Bob cannot restart by itself, intervention is needed.)
      -Start with black screen.
      -Freeze at the loading screen.
      -After the loading screen we can see a freezed transparent image 50% loading screen -50% infos (minimap/exp bar/skill bar, etc. like windows task bar).

      The most important is the 1.! The rest are annoying, but I can live with them!
      Thank you for reading!
      Thank you in advance for your help!
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      Dear Slait!
      I don't know how can I reproduce these problems. :/
      The channel changer if player near works well for some hours but after some hours for some reason it no longer works.
      Usually I meet with the Error Code pop-up window at the first start after I added the .bin file, but after when I got this error message once it will full randomly.
      And the client crash repeats very often, I just use the Bob and crash after crash. (There are more chances to crash when the "Change CH if player near" work and the Bob try to change channel.) If I get one of these crash usually the Bob can't re start and I need to stop and restart it. Sometimes I need to restart 5 or more times to finally get started.
      Today I experienced other problems.
      I get a lot of kicks. (Get kicked every 5-15 mins.)
      [21.11.2019, 13:14:33] --> Character attacked a metin
      [21.11.2019, 13:29:42] --> Character got kick
      [21.11.2019, 13:35:14] --> Bot successfully started,
      [21.11.2019, 13:35:27] --> Character attacked a metin
      [21.11.2019, 13:43:29] --> Character got kick
      [21.11.2019, 13:45:01] --> Bot successfully started,
      [21.11.2019, 13:45:03] --> Character attacked a metin
      And a new message greeted me at the loading screen with a new type of crash. :(
      And this is the loading screen freeze crash what I said on the 2. picture.
      You can read at the top left (It is very faint.) "Az adatfájl megsérült. Installáld újra a klienst. Nyomd meg az ESC gombot." This mean "The data file damaged. Reinstall the client. Press the ESC key.".
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      The server developers working so hard to counter Bob LOL. They made it so that .bin won't start until you rename the game's folder to something other than "nexon2.hu".
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