GM Check Notification

      GM Check Notification


      Today I experienced a security issue and came up with an idea. I don't know if my suggestion is doable. Anyways, @Slait is a wizard right? :P I want to share it.

      I play on a p-server. Sometimes GMs roam the maps, aiming farmbots. They often pm the suspect and ask things like "bot control, bot check, bot kontrol, bot musun," and etceteras in different languages. I know there are settings for stopping the bot upon receiving pm.

      However, better GMs do not send pm, they simply write to normal chat these days. They assume a non-bot player would see the texts around, texts which are sent by other players, if proximity is enough. So they come close and write "bot control" etc. manually without sending pm. If you do not react to this in time, it is obvious the suspect is a bot and that's it you get banned.

      Can m2bob scan the normal chat and notify the user if someone writes sentence or words similar to "bot?, bot control, bot check" ? That would be a life-saver. Something like the windows notification pop-up when new captcha appears.