Left click bug when activate M2Bob

    Left click bug when activate M2Bob


    Im playing and international server, Nethara2 and all M2bob functions work perfectly, but when i activate the bot, my mouse left click doesn´t work.

    1:If you click with the left mouse button on an item in the eq inventory while it is locked, it adds it to the popup 1 2 3 4
    2: i cant move any item in the inventory
    3: i cant talk to any NPC cause left click doen not work
    4: i have noticed if like button CTRL is always pressed, cause when i click an item, client retunrs me the following message "this item cant be placed in the direct access or popup". When i dont activate M2bob and i press CTRL + click with left button an item in the inventory, client returns me the same message.
    5: when i press 4 (or 1, 2 or 3) instead of activating the item or hability that have in this slot, my character shows icons like <3 ... like when you press CTRL + 4..

    Because of that, i cant do dungeons like Nemere, Razador and any dungeon which requires me to use the mouse left button. :(

    I have noticed that in [PL]Mediummt2 there is the same problem.


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