Gameforge ban question


      Slait wrote:

      Good morning :)

      We had these reports in the past too, and there we then saw that some users were botting with crazy settings (Walkspeed, Attackspeed, Teleport), no breaks, etc...of course this can be dangerous over time.
      Also what we see is that users are not botting more per User. While before one user maybe had 3 bots, now many have 6 or even more Clients at the same time. Of course this pushes the ban risk even more.
      You must try to think as a GM (GMs can of course also arrive with normal player accounts, they don't have to use GM accounts to go on bot hunting).
      What I also know is that Gameforge exployed more GMs now than before. And this of course can be effective.

      In order to really test if you have some issues, you could try a bot that is only using functions that are possible without a bot too. E.g. no MobPuller, Waithack, Move/Attackspeed, Rangepick, etc.

      Also you must keep in mind, we do not have a HWID Changer for GF Servers active right now, so you can not say "all clients had different HWIDs", only the IPs can be different.

      I am also doing tests with a bot and did not have issues here yet during the last week.

      for those who want explanation.


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      Ich bin mir fast schon sicher, dass der Bot gewisserweise detectable ist. Ich habe diese Woche einmal mal nur Accounts mit verschiedenen IP, lvl 1 eigeloggt (ohne Bot erstellt) und sie rumstehen lassen ohne eine Funktion an zuhaben. Mittlerweile wurden alle 6 gebannt...

      Meine Fishbots werden auch auschließlich gebannt, wenn sie nicht online sind. Ich lasse sie nur noch 50min angeln mit 6h Pause.