I need to use m2bob on 2 pc / and i got banned 8 hours

      I need to use m2bob on 2 pc / and i got banned 8 hours

      Hy @Slait
      I use m2 bob on 2 pc ..
      1.is my laptop..and sometimes i carry laptop with me at work and second is my pc..
      Yesterday bob stopped on my laptop and it s said i can use it after 8 hours becouse of account sharing .
      On my laptop i use 3 slots ..only for pickup , i got my main account lvl 90+ .. and i get my provider ip..

      And in my pc i use fishbots on 2 slots (2 accounts) with vpn and another ip , in case i got bann to not affect my mains ..

      Why i need to buy another 6 slots with another email acoount? I paid for 6 accounts..i used 5 yesterday and i was disconected.
      I play on 2 pc just for that reason to not get bann on my mains accounts even if i use bob with that but i use only pickup.
      I need an answer..
      My time is passed and i pay for this.


      But i upgraded my pc..
      I didn.t know i can use only in old pc ..
      If u need i can give u my hwid..to be registered as my pc..i cannot use fishbot with my main accounts if i get hwid bann ? :) Or ip bans?
      I use this combinations from long time and banns was verry low, at 5 ..6 month because sometimes i left alone fishbot .
      So..if i neeed to use on another pc ..what should i do? Maybe tomorrow i upgraded my laptop or my pc @Slait