can proxy cause ban?

      can proxy cause ban?

      Hello! I was wondering if certain proxies can cause the automatic ban, I created 6 gf accounts (with each 6 connected accounts) while I was doing alchemy with these accounts they are practically banned the first / second day not doing so in time to open cor draconis I don't understand if my server is too controlled if my proxies are tracked by the gf or if i'm doing something wrong, but i doubt i'm wrong i'm just creating and using gf accounts can anyone imagine what these bans are due to?

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      @Rakiemoon In 2020 the GF starts create a big ip block range of all big vpn and proxy seller. Very much ips are unuseable...
      I ask any members here where they are buy her proxies, nobody answer me.

      @jonathan6550 I don´t think so. The GF detects much more, GM oder Auto is the question.

      The bans are automatic, so it means that the bot is detected

      How is it possible that some of my actual accounts live for 30 days already without any antiban settings.
      Probably I was just lucky to not get seen by any GM, but there is for sure no detection of m2bob at this moment.

      And yeah, cheap proxys of course can initiate redbar ban.
      know your limits :whistling:
      I use the same proxies that have been fine for me for 1 year, so I don't think the gf blacklisted them.
      before I used 1 proxy for 1 account and I never had problems, every week they baned me 1 account so no problem, while now I am forced to create 6 accounts in 1 with the same ip and it seems that the ban is increased
      @whistle I´m sure that the fail must not yours, I don´t wanna tell to much about but I´m sure that the Network of the proxy can be the reason of the red bar, ban.. There are 2 reasons, the traffic and the network. And of course if U make to much accs on 1 ip, booom. :)

      @GravedadZero I got bans all around the clock, I´m sure there are some GF people xD, until now I can´t see a pattern.

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      If you are using Steam to login, you will have login issues since also legit players have a hard time logging in.
      Right now the best is the Gameforge Client Mode :)
      We also are working on the automatic mode further, but I dont want to promise too much too early.

      [quote = 'Slait', 'https: // postID = 358118 # post358118'] Se utilizzi Steam per accedere, avrai problemi di accesso poiché anche i giocatori legittimi hanno difficoltà ad accedere. In
      questo momento la migliore è la modalità client di Gameforge :)
      Stiamo anche lavorando ulteriormente sulla modalità automatica, ma non voglio promettere troppo e troppo presto. [/ quote]

      I understand so I have to use 1 IP to open 6 accounts? so when they ban me i will lose 30 pg and 300 dr for 200% gloves, is this the only current solution?