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    Turkish version here


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    Update 10.0 [31/12/2019] - RECENT UPDATE

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    Update 10.3.6 [21/08/2020]

    Update 10.3.7 [26/08/2020]

    Update 10.3.8 [03/09/2020]

    Update 10.3.9 [08/09/2020]

    Update 10.3.10 P-Server Update #1 [10/09/2020]

    Update 10.3.11 [16/09/2020]

    Update 10.4 [24/09/2020]

    Update 10.4.1 [29/09/2020]

    Update 10.4.2 [05/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.3 [13/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.4 [16/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.5 [19/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.6 [20/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.7 [24/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.8 [26/10/2020]

    Update 10.4.9 [30/10/2020]

    Update 10.5 [03/11/2020]

    Update 10.5.1 [05/11/2020]

    Update 10.5.2 [12/11/2020]

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    Update 10.5.4 [25/11/2020]
    - Added feature "also detect red bar error as a ban" in the Launcher Start/Stop Manager window. You can use this if you want to for example close all clients if one client gets red bar login error
    - When a red bar login error is detected, the target client will now close itself instead of restarting over and over again
    - Fixed PServer: Velia2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Akeno2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Arthira2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Sepherion2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2NewHunter.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Worea2.fr
    - Fixed PServer: Worea2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Valeria2.tr

    Update 10.5.5 [26/11/2020]
    - Updated M2Bob for newest Metin2 Version

    Update 10.5.5 Quickfix [26/11/2020]
    - Fixed errors with Teleport in Map2 and Map1 on GF servers

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    Update 10.5.6 [02/12/2020]
    - Accounts getting a ban or a RedBar login error will now show this on the window title. You can remove this just by deleting the Nickname in the Launcher Login Settings window
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2.SG mount bug
    - Fixed PServer: Velia2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Akeno2.de
    - Fixed PServer: ERubin2.pl
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: KafkasMt2.tr
    - Fixed PServer: Zaos.tr

    Update 10.5.7 [03/12/2020]
    - Updated M2Bob for the newest GF Version
    - M2Bob will now automatically set "Effects" to None on GF Servers to avoid lagging while using Waithack
    - Accounts with a RedBar Error will now not be started anymore using the Start/Stop Manager until you remove this flag manually
    - Fixed Fishbot rotation bug on GF Servers
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Demetra2
    - Fixed PServer: KafkasMt2.tr Farmbot
    - Fixed PServer: NItemGold.cz

    Update 10.5.8 [05/12/2020]
    - Fixed bugs with Auto-EQ, buying potions and stacking inventory on GF Servers (caused by serverside item delay)
    - Fixed PServer: Arthira2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Alon2.ro

    NOTICE: If the GF login does not work for you anymore, please generate a manual login code using [HOWTO] Fix Gameforge Login or [How To] Get to login code manually Tutorial.

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    Update 10.5.9 [15/12/2020]
    - Version for new GF login codes
    - Fixed PServer: Arthira2.de
    - Fixed PServer: KafkasMt2.tr
    - Fixed PServer: Velia2.de
    - Fixed PServer: SunshineMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Zaos2.de
    - Fixed PServer: HikariMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Alaska2.ro

    Update 10.5.10 [20/12/2020]
    - Next test version for new GF login codes
    ----- While we think it's safe, we still suggest you to not login with too worthful accounts at first
    ----- Please dont forget to remove the "use manual codes for login" option in case you have that enabled
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2.ie
    - Fixed PServer: Gantia2.pl
    - Fixed PServer: HikariMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Alaska2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: NorsMt2.tr
    - Fixed PServer: Worea2.fr Pickup

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    Update 10.5.11 [30/12/2020]
    - CH-Changer now also works if the character is hitting a Metin in Levelbot and is outside of the Level-Range
    - Fixed PServer: HikariMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Akeno2
    - Fixed PServer: Kuba2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Alon2
    - Fixed PServer: Maylin2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Alaska

    Update 10.5.12 [03/01/2021]
    - Fixed PServer: HikariMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: XenoxMt2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Nexus2.de

    NOTICE (GF): Right now you must leave the GF Client open in the Background while botting to avoid getting Login errors, more infos here: [HOWTO] Fix Gameforge Login
    (alternatively you can use a Steam account to login)

    More infos about future versions: [2021]Further Plans! (& Free Premium + Happy New Year)
    Login error collection discussion thread here: Red bar error discussion

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    Update 10.5.13 [07/01/2021]
    - Updated M2Bob for new newest Metin2 GF Version

    NOTICE: This is only a small fix update for the GF Client and is not the announced, bigger update yet!

    Quickfix 10.5.13 [evening 07/01/202]
    - Changed Login on GF to as it was back in 10.5.9

    Users reported login errors with the version from today afternoon and reported that it worked good with version 10.5.9. So we changed the GF login again to how it was back then.
    Just patch again to get the newest files! :)

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    Good evening!

    Update 10.6 [15/01/2021]
    - Added Steam Multiaccount Support for GF Servers
    - Fixed PServer: Arthira2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Duomt2.tr
    - Fixed PServer: Avenor2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Kayra2.tr
    - Fixed PServer: PandoraMt2.pl

    This update enables you to login with multiple Steam Accounts at the same time on one PC.
    You do NOT need to have Steam installed on your PC, just enter the account data and go!
    Tutorial Thread: How to login with Steam - M2Bob v10.6
    Discussion Thread: Collecting Feedback Thread for Update 10.6

    We decided to focus on the Steam Update first to give all users something that works 100% so you can start botting immediately without errors.
    We know that some of you are botting on closed servers or want to use the bot with existing GF Client accounts, we will now start looking at fixing the GF Client Login.

    Additionally, all users got 3 botting days added to their accounts.

    Happy botting to everybody!

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    Update 10.6.1 [16/01/2021]
    - Fixed the Steam Login Error some users have

    Make sure to patch M2Bob in order to avoid getting login errors. If you can not patch, the reason is probably your Antivirus.
    Please also note the information on the upper post: M2Bob - Changelog

    Update 10.6.2 [19/01/2021]
    - Fix for the GF Client Login
    - This version is (aside from the new Login fix) identical to the Login from 10.5.9

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    Update 10.6.3 [20/01/2021]
    - Fix for the GF Client Login
    - This version is (aside from the new Login fix) identical to the Login from 10.5.9

    You need to readout a new Login Code per account, please follow this Tutorial if you have issues: [HowTo] New Logincode System

    Our further roadmap is as follows:
    - Make tests for the Steam Login and look at the ban issue some users (especially massbotters) are having
    - Improve the GF Login further
    - Slowly also start looking at PServers again
    Also we did decide to add all users 3 more days because of the GF Client issues :)

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    Test Version 10.6.3_S [21/01/2021]
    - Added Steam HWID Spoofer
    We are releasing a Steam test version today evening :)
    This Version will be generating a different HWID for every single client according to the Steam Username.

    NOTICE: When you login with a Steam account you already did use M2Bob before, you will have to confirm a new Steam Code via Mail once when using the new Version.
    If you use a fresh created account that was never logged in before, you will not need todo that.
    If that is too annoying right now, you can of course use the old version and update at a later time.

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    Update 10.6.4 [27/01/2021]
    - Added new temporary(!!) manual starting mode (can be used on GF and PServers), more infos below
    - Added new Steam Test technique (more infos below)
    - Fixed PServer: Alon2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Glevia2.pl Fishbot
    - Fixed PServer: Kevra2.pl (some features dont work)
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2ETH.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Anoria2.de (must use new manual mode)
    - Fixed PServer: ArtOfMetin2.ro

    GF Manual Mode:
    In this mode, you must start the Client manually and M2Bob will show you a MessageBox if that's needed, this avoids any red bar errors, since the starting process is identical to how normal players are doing it.
    We plan to automate this process in the next step, that is the next thing we will be working on: Developement plans on GF

    The new version might help reduce bans here further.
    If you get Steam bans, you must reduce the amount of clients botting on the same IP subnet (e.g. the last number of the IP does not count as "different IP"): Avoiding Steam ban Tutorial?

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    Update 10.6.5 [01/02/2021]
    - Update for new Metin2 Gameforge Version

    NOTICE #1: There was a small bug in the first version of the update, if you get this error, please patch again!
    NOTICE #2: This is not the big update with the automated GF Client starting yet, this is just a Quickfix for GF Servers.
    We are planning to release that one on wednesday! :)

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    Update 10.7 [03/02/2021]
    - Added the new "Gameforge Client Mode"
    ----- In this mode, M2Bob will automatially start Clients using the GF Client
    ----- The Gameforge Client window must be open and logged in with the desired GF Mail for this to work
    ----- M2Bob can switch between different account names, but they all must be in the same GF Mail
    ----- You must set your windows system setting "text size and layout" to 100% for this to work
    ----- No Logincodes are needed, and also no RedBar bans should happen (Red Bar errors can happen if you have too many accounts logged in at the same GF Account, but only the same as for normal Metin players)
    ----- For further infos, look to our small HowTo at the bottom
    - Fixed bug with dumping Serverlist
    - Fixed bug "another instance of the bot is already open" after setup



    - Add your Metin2 accounts in the GF Client, before updating the bot ( http://i.epvpimg.com/LjXBdab.png )
    - Make sure that the Scale and Layout of your Display on 100%
    - You do not need the Logincode #1 & #2
    - Make sure that your Gameforge Client is open on the Desktop

    We also will look more into PServers in the following days if this update works stable. Our main focus however is and will always be GF Servers and please keep in mind that we can not and will never guarantee support when it comes to a specific PServer!

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    Update 10.7.1 [04/02/2021]
    - Added feature for GF Client Mode "Only use if no Logincode #2 set" that will only use the GF mode for accounts that dont have a Logincode #2 saved
    ----- Therefore you can now use a combination of Logincode#2, GF Client Mode and Steam at the same time while botting
    - Fixed bug with 'i' for users with a turkish keyboard

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    Update 10.7.2 [06/02/2021]
    - Fixed Errors on Steam Login (M2Bob will now retry todo Login on Steam after 5 seconds if an error occured)
    - Fixed Error Message when logging it with a manual Steam Account
    - Fixed PServer: Tamidia2.pl
    - Fixed PServer: Astra2.tr (some features like Waithack Range dont work)
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2Fun.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Calliope2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Origins2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Alon2.ro
    - Fixed PServer: Metin2.ie / Ancient2.de
    - Fixed PServer: Anoria2.de (must use Manual Mode for Login!)
    - Fixed PServer: Yumano3.de (must use Manual Mode for Login!, ignore Error Messages)
    - Fixed PServer: Glevia2.pl Fishbot

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    Update 10.7.3 [10/02/2021]
    - Update for Steam Login, M2Bob will now wait a bit longer before trying to relog (10, 40, 80 or 120 seconds instead of 3)
    - Added feature in bot "character changer" in Alchemy: This enables you to change characters without having todo relogs in the Loginscreen (BETA)
    - Fixed Errors with the Gameforge Client Mode where the bot would show an error after Metin started

    Steam Information: Today a measure was added preventing Logging in from Steam too often.
    You might get an error if you try to Login too often (this also happens if you only use one account with the official Steam Client, it's Serverside!)
    Since this is a 100% Serverside measure, we now added a feature where M2Bob waits a bit longer if such an error is detected and then retrys to login (compared to before where he did retry after 3 seconds).
    To improve this, you can use Proxyfier, then you have the same limits per IP (or maybe per Subnet of IPs, e.g. the last number of the IP address does not count).

    We also will look more into PServers in the following days and are planning to release a Quickfix!

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    Feature Update 10.7.4 [11/02/2021]
    - Fixed a bug with the Alchemy Character changer: Character change - alchemist's mistake
    - Waithack and Pickup will now be disabled when the bot is changing the character
    - Removed the MessageBox when the Steam Login fails too often (M2Bob will retry automatically)
    - Fixed a bug with the Start/Stop Manager: "BAN" text in the slot.
    - Character creator: When an error occurs, the bot shows the slot and name of the character that failed to create
    - Added Scroll bars for both directions (if your monitor is too small): Can't see all the slots, can you help me?
    - Pickup Range is now changeable with a scroll bar
    - Pickuprange and Waithackrange are now shown on the Minimap when changed

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