[HOWTO] Fix Gameforge Login

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    NOTICE: If this Tutorial doesn't work for you, you can also use a Steam account for connecting, here no IP restrictions are in place.
    On Steam you can only use one account, but you can have multiple characters ingame at the same time.

    Different version if you use many bot accounts. [How To] Get to login code manually


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    Hello, this is a small instruction on howto fix the login if you get an error Message when trying to login with M2Bob!

    1. Open M2Bob and click this button

    2.1 Delete the folder "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Gameforge4d"
    2.2 Open the Gameforge Client and open the Metin2 config with it (if you get a red error here, then read "Additional Information" down in the thread)
    Also Make sure that the Gameforge Client was opened with the same IP-Address as you want to use later on while botting

    3. Click "readout" in the M2Bob Windows, and afterwards save the code

    4. The login with M2Bob should work now. Leave the Gameforge Client opened in the background while botting!!

    Additional Information:
    - If you get an error "the game is currently not available for you", try uninstalling and reinstalling the Gameforge Client and try it again. IMPORTANT: Delete also the folder "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Gameforge4d"
    - If that doesnt work, then it might be that your IP is the reason and it's blocked. Then try changing the IP or disable the VPN. Also try if with your mobile hotspot IP if a regular IP change doesnt work. Some users reported this helped for them.
    - If that still doesnt work, then you can try a Virtual Machine (with VirtualBox or VMWare), or just do the Tutorial at a different Computer and then copy over the Login code to the main PC.
    - If all of this also doesn't work, a temporary workaround for you can be to use a Steam account for botting (use VM for multiple Steam instances)
    - The Login Code will not work forever, and you must repeat these steps from time to time if you get login errors again

    If this doesn't work for you, you also use a Steam account for connecting, here no restrictions are in place.

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