Auto Char Creator !!!!

  • 1- When the client crashes while creating the character, "Auto Char Creator" is disabled, so it does not try to create a character at the next login. (For this, '' auto char creator '' client can always be active when we start it manually. In this way, even if the client crashes, the auto char creator will always remain ticked.) If the 1st suggestion is not liked, a 2nd suggestion (If auto char creator is left open, char will enter the game after 150 seconds. .)

    2- While creating the character, the generator gives an error if it tries to an existing name and does not create a character. (Please add a number to the end and try again.)

    3- If he hasn't created 5 characters, keep creating character. Please make a perception for this.

    @Slait @KIZILPENCE

  • +1

    The bot needs to be updated, we need a more stable version!

  • eventuell den charakter creator "anpassbar" gestalten indem man dem account nen schlagwort gibt wie ka banane zb. und die anzahl an chars angibt und der char creator erstellt im anschluss banane01, banane02, banane03 bis 5 eben. oder statt 01 eben 11, oder nur ne 1, wäre auch ne nette umsetzung um die übersicht beim alchi uppen beizubehalten :)

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