Welcome to the new M2Bob Forum 2021

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    Dear users of M2Bob,

    we would like to welcome you to our new forum.

    We have made some changes in the last months and would like to present them to you now:

    M2Bob Logo

    We have created a new logo for M2Bob, which you may have seen on the main page. We hope you like it!

    User accounts

    All user accounts registered in the old forum will be kept. You can log in here with your previous login data.


    You wanted it - we give it to you!

    After a long time we have implemented the dark mode to the forum. Now you can rest your eyes while browsing through our forum.


    We have reorganized and updated the FAQ. You can find it at the top of the forum in the navigation bar.

    This should answer most of your questions about M2Bob. Please feel free to give us feedback!

    You can find more information about the FAQ and the languages here: Information about the new FAQ & language system

    Forum rules

    We have updated the entire forum rules. This includes the rules for creating a private server thread.

    Please read them before creating a new thread in the private server section.

    From now on, we will also take stronger action against violations of the rules.

    Until now, violations were not punished at all, which is why the forum was full of spam.

    Please follow our rules accordingly to avoid sanctions.


    Finally you can use the forum via your mobile devices.

    We would also appreciate your feedback on this!

    Removal of the Shoutbox

    We have decided not to implement the shoutbox in the new forum.

    It was way too messy and full of spam. To communicate with other members in our community you can use our Discord.

    To enter the Discord, use the following link: https://discord.gg/kRPEF4x


    We have implemented a new support option that works through the forum.

    This will replace the previous email support. Here you can categorize your issue and have input fields where you can describe your problem in more detail.

    We are looking forward to your inquiries and are always ready to solve your problems!


    The full archive will be uploaded to a dedicated page from now on.

    So if you have problems with the patcher in the future, download the latest version of M2Bob there.

    You can find the full archive in the navigation bar


    For the new forum we have created new ranks and rank icons.

    You can get them by activity points. (Create topics, create posts, receive thanks).


    We have updated and adjusted all the permissions. This gives our team members much more possibilities to help you with problems.

    Furthermore, we have added a new team rank. This rank is called 'Support' and will be added to new moderators in our team.

    We continue to seek assistance for our team. So if you are interested, apply today to become a team member of M2Bob!


    The search function in the latest version of Woltlab is much faster and more efficient.

    So if you want to search for certain topics in the future, use the search function of the forum before you create an extra topic.

    This is located in the upper right corner.

    Suggested topics

    When creating new topics, you will receive suggestions that match the title after you enter the title of the topic.

    Take a look at these topics beforehand and check whether they deal with the same topic. A new creation of the topic is then redundant.

    Input fields

    In some categories we have added so called input fields.

    These are intended to make it easier for you to create new topics. Please fill them in correctly so that we can work on new private servers, for example, without delays.

    Most helpful answer
    A topic creator and moderators can mark a post in a thread as "helpful", which will highlight it.
    A button will then appear under the first post in the thread, allowing you to jump to the 'most helpful post'.

    Suggestions & error reports

    We have updated the entire suggestions and error reporting category.

    After reviewing your suggestion or error message, a label will be added to inform you about the latest progress. This way you will always be up to date.

    Guides & Tutorials
    We have updated and adjusted almost all outdated tutorials. Furthermore, we have created some new tutorials.

    These should make it easier for you to get started with M2Bob.

    You can find them in the Guides & Tutorial section!

    Private Server list

    We are currently working on a new private server list. This will be linked to our Discord and will allow Premium users to vote for their preferred servers. Based on this, we can then see the interest in certain servers and fix these servers.

    Unfortunately we can't give you an exact release date for this feature yet.

    We will keep you up to date!


    We have thought again about the 'Archive Forum' and decided to create the archive here in the new forum.

    You will find all the old posts at the bottom of the forum. You can only read these posts.

    New posts cannot be created there!

    All old posts are older than 14 March 2021.

    We will keep the old forum running so that you can transfer your newly created posts.

    We hope you like the new forum!

    If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please post them in the feedback thread. :P

    Your M2Bob Team

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