Board Rules - English

  • The following rules apply for the forum:

    Forbidden in the whole forum:

    • Trading
    • Double threads/double posts --> Use edit button!
    • Insults, sexual content and racism
    • Posting illegal content, personal data and generally anything that violates the rights of others.
    • Spam
    • Multiaccounts
    • Begging for M2Bob accounts or premium status.
    • Posting or promoting programmes, that are similar or the same as M2Bob.

    Spam is forbidden and will be deleted, including the following:

    • Double Posts --> Use Edit Button
    • Google Translator posts, '#closerequest', '#reported' etc. --> Use Edit/Report button
    • Push threads (exception: no new reply for 48 hours)
    • Post non-topic related stuff Posts like "hahaha", *smileys*
    • Describing another problem in a thread about one problem
    • Caps-Lock title and/or Caps-Lock posts


    Reason Points Expiration date
    Spam 2 3 Weeks
    Doublepost 2 2 Weeks
    Off-Topic 2 2 Weeks
    Caps-Lock Title / Text 1 2 Weeks
    Unnecessary use of @team member 1 2 Weeks
    Incorrect language in a category with specified language 1 2 Weeks
    Inappropriate language / insult 6 Never
    Warn (information about incorrect behavior) 0 Never


    Blocking Points Expiration date
    24h temporary ban 6 24 hours
    7 days temporary ban 10 7 days
    14 days temporary ban 15 14 days
    Permanent ban 25 Never

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