[HOWTO] M2Bob with Steam

  • Dear M2Bob users,

    In this tutorial we would like to show you how to use M2Bob with Steam.

    First of all:

    For this tutorial I use the Metin2 version from the Steam Launcher.

    You can also skip this step and use the metin2client.bin from the Gameforge folder. This file also works with Steam!

    • Download the Steam Launcher https://store.steampowered.com/about/
    • Login to your Steam Account and visit the Steam Shop
    • Search for 'Metin2' in the shop
    • Download and install Metin2 through the Steam Launcher

    After that we set up M2Bob:

    • Start M2Bob and choose the right metin2client file


    • Make sure you have selected the correct file as well. For Steam it must be the metin2client.exe from the Steam folder!


    How to find the metin2client.exe from Steam:

    • Now login to your M2Bob account and wait until the setup of M2Bob is finished

    Now we start to set up the slot:

    • Select a new slot in the M2Bob Launcher and click at the edit button PrbYnrV.png
    • I am using https://accgen.cathook.club/ to create my Steam accounts. You can also use Accounts created by hand
    • Fill in your data to the slot


    • After the slot has been successfully saved, the slot can now be started
    • Now the Metin2 window should open and the login should take place


    (Happy Botting!!)

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