[HOWTO] Use the 'Manual Mode'

  • Dear M2Bob users,

    In this tutorial we would like to show you how to use the so called 'Manual Mode'.

    First we start with the setup of M2Bob:

    • Start M2Bob, Login to your account and select the right metin2client file
    • Select a new slot in the M2Bob Launcher and click at the edit button PrbYnrV.png
    • Fill in your data to the slot


    • Save the slot
    • Then... qXhMR5i.png
    • Start the Slot, then wait until the window pops up and then start the game through the Gameforge Launcher


    • Now the Metin2 window should open and the login should take place


    (Happy Botting!!)

    Information about the manual mode:

    • You have to start Metin2 manually every time (each Slot)
    • If the client crashes, then you also have to start Metin2 manually
    • In this mode there should be no red bar error

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